The Bloq

I’m Kara. I’m quite the plain Jane, so no fancy fonts from me. I’m fond of orange and I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts letter.


My name is Steffi and I speak largely in italics. I have a fondness for purple and picking my nose. I’m in a perpetual state of wishing I was in Disneyland. 


This is our Prahjeckt.

The Prahjeckt:

What are you doing?

Taking a break from watching Pokemon.

Watching House. I used to watch this show with a quiet reverence and now I can’t make it through an episode without walking out of the room in a mild panic/disgust. WHAT HAPPENED TO ME. I USED TO LIVE FOR THIS.

No, why are you doing this “Prahjeckt”?

Oh, because I miss Steffi and documenting our friendship for all the internet to see sounds fun.

Oh. Because we were both sad. When this project was thought up – and this still holds true now – I lived in the boonies of Scottsdale and I didn’t have any friends nearby. I felt lonely and I just wanted to be closer to my best friend who lives too far away from me to be seen regularly. This was a solution to our plea to each other for anything else. OR. LET ME TELL YOU. IN SONG.

What is this going to be all about?

Well, it’s just two best friends communicating the cool stuff we do or think about or experience. And it forces us to communicate when not communicating and forgetting is easy.

Our wonderfully entertaining lives!! Moments like this used to happen all the time when we lived together/near each other. We don’t really want it to stop so this will be a way to stay in touch


She ain’t got no money in the bank.

 What types of posts should we expect?

Random rants, lots of pictures, Disneyland, Harry Potter feels, and general Nerdfighter nerd things. We’ll try to post differently so you can tell who it is, especially during story-telling posts. I’ll be posting on Mondays.

I will be posting on Wednesdays about whatever I’m doing or finding interesting in life. The fee-ance and I just had a miserable experience attempting to move from Scottsdale to Tempe – which failed – but we took this opportunity to reimagine our home. You’ll see a lot of home decor stuff until it’s done. I’ll post about the makeup I’m loving recently, books I’m reading, hauls, crap like that. Once a week I will post an Instagram thing to our Instagram. IT MIGHT BE ABOUT FOOD. A lot of my life is about food.  

Are punishments involved?

Of course. This wouldn’t be a Vlogbrothers inspired joint venture if punishments weren’t involved. As for what the punishments are – that’s an excellent thing for Future Steffi and Future Kara to handle.

They most definitely should be.

How long will you do this project?

The Vlogbrothers started in 2007 and are still at it today. Let’s at least aim for that. As long as it’s fun, I can’t imagine we’ll stop.

As long as we find it fun. At least a year, if not more.

Why Plain Tarts?

Haha, because we love Yogurtland. A lot of our friendship has happened in a frozen yogurt joint. And we always get the same flavor no matter what, PLAIN TART. We once each ate $6 worth of just the yogurt, no addons. No matter where we’ve been we’ve found a way to enjoy this delicious dessert together. In Flagstaff, we drove down 2 hours to Phoenix to see Hank Green, where we ate pizza with him and yes, Yogurtland. When we worked at Disneyland, our apartment building was conveniently placed directly over a Swirls and froyo was a common dinner and late night snack for us. The first time I went to Steffi’s house we went out for my first Yogurtland. It always sounds so good and we’d never pass up the opportunity to get some together. Maybe someday we’ll be able to eat some in Disneyland. We’d both die simultaneously from happiness.

There are things that Kara and I both love. We love them fiercely and with all of our hearts. One of the things that have followed us around as we do/see/experience all of the things we love is frozen yogurt. Specifically Yogurtland frozen yogurt. The flavor called “plain tart” is, for those who have had the immense pleasure of tasting it, an absolute god send. So while we were looking through the millions of things we loved, we realized that they cannot define us because they are too plentiful. But Plain Tarts. This is who we are.

We have largly unextraordinary lives; we are blessed in ways that are dissatisfying, confusing, and generous. Our obsessions are plentiful and our joy in them reaches outside of us. We are Plain Tarts.

The Tarts:

How did you meet?

I’m awesome.

We first met in a Harry Potter class in college. But we weren’t friends. She was a bitchy Slytherin and I was meek Hufflepuff. We still are, but Harry Potter isn’t what brought us together. I was stalking her internet self and I saw she called herself a Nerdfighter. I did some research and thought I’d like to call myself one too. I started talking to her about it online and eventually we planned to go see John Green at his tiny gathering for Paper Towns. We bonded on the 2 hour drive there and I bought all of John’s books and I loved meeting everyone there. These were my people and Steffi was my best friend.

But no really.

I was a Slytherin and she was a Hufflepuff and we met at Hogwarts. We weren’t friends then because Slytherins and Hufflepuffs ARE NOT allowed to be friends. When we left Hogwarts, Kara stalked me. She found out I was a Nerdfighter and became one herself (I’m awesome – yes – but anyone who is subjected to 2007/8 Nerdfighteria and doesn’t become a Nerdfighter is less than awesome and Kara, in her own right, is incredibly awesome). Then John Green decided to have a meet up in Phoenix to promote Paper Towns. Kara and I weren’t close at the time but we decided to drive down to Phoenix together. The trip bonded us for life. I’m an only child, but I expect I love her like a sister.

From there, we moved in together, did the Disney College Program together, found hubbies that are even more adorable than us, graduated college, and moved too far from each other. We continue to try and disprove the theory that Hufflepuffs and Slytherins can’t be friends (don’t worry – it’s easy).

What are you interested in?

I do not have interests. I have three settings: obsession, loathing, indifference. I’m obsessed with the following: Disney (Walt, specifically, followed by Disneyland and then Disney Animation), Harry Potter, Being a Nerdfighter (2007 thank you VERY much), makeup, travel, books, YouTube, cats, and food.

Harry Potter, nerdy crafts, cosplay, yoga, Lord of the Rings appendices (let’s face it, I like the cast more than the characters), playing World of Warcraft, video games, watching YouTubers & TV shows like Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and Big Brother.

What really bugs you?

The word ‘moist.’

PEOPLE WHO LIE AND SAY THEY DON’T PICK THEIR NOSE. OR PEE IN THE SHOWER. OR SAY THE PHRASE “I DON’T READ.” There is a special ring in hell for these people. They are not to be trusted.

What makes you get all mushy?

My fiancé, Walt Disney, and my cats, The Derp: Lord of Derpington (who rules with an iron Derp) and Harveyseed: The Duke of Derpington.

If I see anyone cry, I am likely to cry. Most recently, I bawled in the theater watching The Fault In Our Stars.

How many days since you’ve been to Disneyland?

102 D:



101 days holy shit leave me as I crawl into a corner and die.


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