Makeup tutorial thing.

Hi Kara,

I did this look yesterday and I really loved it. It made me look awake and bronzed and it’s super easy. This is 100% something I think anyone can do. It requires the use of three brushes and hardly any effort. So I did it this morning and documented it for you. ON TO THE LOOK.


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Summer Beauty Tags

It’s a joint post IT’S A JOINT POST IT’S A JOOIINNNNTTTT POOOOSSSTTT!! (I’m virtually singing this to you. hashtagyourwelcome)

Kara and I mooshed together our favorite questions from MissGlamorazzi and Fleur de Force‘s Summer Questions Tags. We’re only allowed to answer in pictures. I’m on the left/bottom and Kara is on the right/top. I could say something dirty here but I won’t. TO THE QUESTIONS:

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