A /new Home

Hi Kara,

As you know, the almost move to Tempe was pretty miserable. But – with all of our stuff in boxes, we took the money set aside for the move, and a fair bit of cleaning products, and reimagined our home! Here is the bedroom – which got the most love. I hope you like it =)


Yay Ikea! The bookshelves that make the side tables are Billy, and the one on top is a discontinued one that we found in their clearance section. It juts out a bit more than the Billy’s but it makes it feel like a cave. And we put little stick-able lights on the underside of the top bookshelf for when we read! 


Mine and His. ❤ NO I DO NOT HAVE AN UNHEALTHY OBSESSION WITH RUCIFY HE IS JUST THE MOST UNDERRATED DISNEY CAT AND MY PERSONAL FAVORITE. Please notice the purple Rucify in the back. A certain Keddah painted him for me and he is my very favorite. Please also note my awesome Harry Potter shelf and the smiling Louis.


This is right by the door, next to the sliding mirrors that house our closet. I got this painting from Alison for either Christmas or my birthday and never had a chance to hang it until now. It’s stunning.


Last but not least, the VANITY! Which will get a full post next week – I promise. Also, DERPYSPOTTING. 

I will see you this weekend in an Instagram

To the furthest star and back,


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