I am excite.

Hi Steffi, I think I’d like to tell you what I’m excited about right now.

Hypable wrote this article about a theory of a new Harry Potter something happening on the 7th anniversary of book 7, which is in one week. I’m not sure how possible it really is, but I do know I really want it to be a thing. I will definitely cry and I’m trying not to get too excited. HNNNNNNNNNGG.

Our July Loot Crate will be here in one week and it’s my turn to get the tshirt and it’s villains themed and all our other crates have been awesome. So I’m really excited for it to get here.

In a month we’ll have Mario Kart 8 and we should race online together. That’s right, we’re buying a WiiU soon! We fight a daily battle of urges to buy it earlier than we should.

Sword Art Online is back and I can watch the episodes on crunchyroll!

I’m buying materials to make an Astrid costume from How to Train Your Dragon 2 and if I finish it in time, I’ll be wearing it at Tucson Comicon in November! I might also have the chance to sell my crochet stuff there, but more about that later…

Big Brother is one of my favorite shows and it’s going on now and it’s on 3 times a week. 3 TIMES. I’m also the worst and bought the live feeds so I can watch it AT ALL TIMES. I’m really making it tough on myself to stay productive.

A new table top gaming store is opening soon and it is 2 minutes from our house. They had an open gaming day yesterday and let us play any game from their HUGE library.



We already found a new game we want to buy; there’s lots of pretty die and it’s called Quarriors. Has Andrew ever heard of it? We also played Redshirts, which is hilarious and if you knew more about Star Trek and Wil Wheaton, you would know that the character card, Kesley Wusher – boy genius, is genius. PLAY MORE GAMES!

Also, I made some deliciously weird cupcakes this weekend, thanks to Nerdy Nummies and it made me miss baking with you 😦 They’re mountain dew and doritos flavored and they are amazing. Mostly just lemon, but amazing.


I know you are as excited as I am for a few of these things, and the rest you are just smiling because they make me happy. Either way, I love you and miss you and I’ll see you soon on the internet!


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