Mah Vanity

Hello Keddah!

As promised – here is my new vanity/makeup organization set up! 



I got this organizer from It’s only $16.95 and beyond the fact that you can’t hold many/any compacts in it – it’s really great. Most of the products above are pretty obvious, but for the not so obvious stuff: I keep my brushes organized by flat shader brushes, then small precision brushes, and then fluffy blending brushes. The middle, larger section has my foundations, cream blush and contour. There’s next to nothing in the drawers because if something’s not in my sight – I won’t use it. The right side back contains eye liners, brow pens, and lip liners.


This is what’s on the sides of the white organizer. The mirror is from Ikea (around $10), and the pot was given to us by Andrew’s dad when he sent us an Edible Arrangement in congrats on Andrew’s new job (IT WAS SO GOOD). I put some beads that I bought from Michaels in it to hold up my brushes. To the right of the organizer, I have some moisturizer (Dream Cream from Lush is the only moisturizer worth using imhao), small kabuki brushes, and powders that are inconvenient to have rolling around. The fish/candy bowl holds my compacts and it was $5 at Target! I’ve loved having it because I can see all my blushes/bronzers/powders and I don’t have to hide them away. 


This is the stuff on top of my Ikea Alex. I got that doll-thing at Bookman’s when we lived at Hogwarts. It’s in some serious need of repainting *EHHEM feel free to steal it from me and paint it my creative friend.* I keep my perfumes in this little chest that I got from Michaels for SUPER cheap. It was on sale for under $10 I wanna say. I love having a beautiful little treasure chest of perfumes. It makes me feel fancy. 


This is the top drawer of my Alex. It contains palette’s, single or cream shadows that I’m obsessed with right now, some lose setting powders that I don’t love very much and my beauty blenders. That small bag is actually for you! It contains the stuff that we used on your wedding that somehow ended up at my house. I found it while I was cleaning out my bathroom stuff for the move!


This is the second drawer, and stuff that I don’t use often. A lot of it’s old and needs to be thrown out. 


These are the bottom three drawers of the Alex. One contains my Airbrush system, which I don’t use enough. Then I have makeup bags in one and makeup bags + old hair tools in others. I have too many makeup bags but at least one has my name on it! 

The other drawers on the desk contain my plethora of samples, office stuff, and some clean towels to use while I’m doing my makeup. 

It nearly made me cry once I got it all set up. I eat my breakfast here and enjoy the morning with the windows open. It’s been very relaxing! I hope you like it! I know I do. 

To the furthest star and back,

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