Now I am excite.

Hi Keddah,

I was in a bit of a slump last week. But now I feel about 95% me. Here are some things I’m excited for!

Excited things:

Hair: This weekend I will be getting a Brazilian Blowout at Choppers Salon in Scottsdale. I am SO. EXCITED. I will document it and put it on the blog either next week or the week after =)

Travel: In late August I will be going to Toronto, Canada for the Student Youth Travel Association’s Annual Convention. And I’ll be going to North Carolina. And I’ll be going to Pennsylvania/Maryland to visit my family back east. Somewhere between those travels – I will celebrate Andrew’s birthday with an altogether too hopeful and not likely to happen trip to Disneyland (a girl can dream). Then, in January, I will be in New Orleans for the United Motorcoach Association Travel Expo (which happens to end ON MY BIRTHDAY! IMMA EAT SOME BENIETS ON MY BIRTHDAY). And I will blog all of these travels!

Wedding: The wedding planning is coming along nicely. And by nicely, I mean that since I don’t have to plan for much of anything at all, the stuff I am doing makes my heart flutter. I cannot wait until you see the Save the Dates. They are perfection. I’m not sure whether or not I should send the envelopes to a calligrapher – or just hold off on that until the formal invitation. Chances are I won’t have the patience to wait to send them out much longer and I’ll just write it myself. What do you think I should do? 

My progress in self-love: This could be a blog post by itself BUT I was listening to the radio the other day and one of those ~*~miracle~*~ pill adds came on, and, beyond being disgusted over the add itself (“I hated myself – and now that I’m skinny my life is soOoO much better”), I wondered if I would ever take a miracle pill to make myself skinny (skinny, not healthy – there’s a big difference) and the answer was a resounding NO! This chunk-a-dunk is getting happy in her body and I’ve never been more pleased or proud of myself. PERHAPS THIS MEANS ANOTHER NO PANTS WEEKEND! Care to join me 😉

To the furthest star and back,

P.S. Even though this post doesn’t have pictures, there is a picture of a very bad seed on the instagrams. He says Hi to his sisterseed. 

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