3 Thoughts


I’m not really that chipper right now, but we can pretend.

I’d like to share some of my mind-boggling thoughts from last week.

Thing one: Grayson and I have gone to a few estate sales, they’re really quite fun! We went to a couple when my parents were here a couple weeks ago and my mom found these really old wrenches from a factory in her hometown Jamestown, NY. She was hoping they were Proto Tool because that was the company her dad worked for, but they were Crescent. First of all, Crescent wrenches are one of those things that people call most wrenches even if it wasn’t made by Crescent. Like Kleenex or Jacuzzi. Isn’t that weird how we do that? Anyways, those tool companies had booming factories back east and provided lots of jobs, but now they are all closed down and are just abandoned factory buildings since America started using foreign labor to make the tools. I saw a couple of them when I was there last year. It was just crazy that my mom just happened to be in town, we went to that particular estate sale, she looked in this rusty old box in the backyard, and there were these priceless, nostalgic wrenches all the way out here in Arizona with Jamestown, NY stamped on them. She bought all 3 of them for $3 🙂

Thing 2: Speaking of nostalgia, you know how we’re always saying, “UGH NICKELODEON WAS SOO MUCH BETTER WHEN WE WERE YOUNGER”, and “THE 1ST MARIO PARTY WAS THE BEST”? I often wonder if they really were better, or if that’s just our perspective. Will the kids today growing up watching Dora and those terrible Disney shows say the same thing we’re saying when they’re our age? To us, there’s no way anything will ever be as good as Mario Kart 64, Legends of the Hidden Temple, old Spongebob or all those awesome Disney Channel Original movies, but if you didn’t grow up watching them, would you think they were that great?

Thing 3: Tiny technology. I think Hank posted it on his tumblr a long time ago. It was a picture of 2 SD cards, one from ten years ago or something and one from today and the memory size was ridiculously different, but the physical size was the same. When we all played Mario Kart 8 together last week, I just thought, how great is this? This little black box in my living room allows us to play video games with our friends even though we’re in 3 different cities. And this other black box lets us all talk to each other like we’re in the same room. And I’m very thankful for that 🙂

See you on Wednesday 🙂

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