Makeup tutorial thing.

Hi Kara,

I did this look yesterday and I really loved it. It made me look awake and bronzed and it’s super easy. This is 100% something I think anyone can do. It requires the use of three brushes and hardly any effort. So I did it this morning and documented it for you. ON TO THE LOOK.


First and foremost, sorry for the glare. Now I understand why beauty guru’s don’t wear glasses. SRY NOT SRY GLASSES RULE. Okay, so, we’re going to go by numbers. 

1. Prime your eyelids. Just do it. There are primers that you can get for super cheap these days – it’s just unacceptable if you’re not priming first. It’ll ruin your day (and mine) if you don’t (I’m not talking to you here, Kara, I’m talking to the WORLD. I know YOU prime your lids because I gave you some of Shadow Insurance haaayyy). I like Too Faced Shadow Insurance because it’s good for oily lids. 

2. Use the tools evolution gave you (your goddamn fingers) and slap some L’Oreal Infallible pressed pigment in Amber Rush on ya’ lids and bring it up just a bit past the crease. This stuff is amazing, cheap and you can get it ON SALE just about anywhere. DO IT. (P.S. this step and subsequent steps can be found illustrated in the first picture above. hashtagyourwelcome)

3. See that purple brush by the number two? Take any fluffy brush like that and swirl it around a peachy shade (like MakeupGeek shadow in Peach Smoothie [the round one]) and then use the sweeper motion action on your Wii U controller to blend out Amber Rush in the crease. Then take a color close to your skin tone (for me it’s white or that Inglot one [which I don’t know the name of cuz I’m clearly not a professional]) with a big fluffy shader brush (the one on the far right) and use that shade to blend BLEND BLEND out the peachy shade even more. NO HARSH LINES as they say. Take a tiny shader brush (middle one) and with the L’Oreal pigment, smudge it out on the lower lash line.

4. Use any black liquid or even gel liner (or get NUTS and use a black shadow) and line your lash line super close. Or wing it out. You do you. I like Stila’s Stay All Day liquid liner – but Kat Von D has one that’s similar. Urban Decay’s are best for your money though [that’s not even true, don’t listen to a damn word I say, because you can find some at the drugstore that are great, I’m sure, I’ve just never tried any because I’m one of those pretentious Sephora shoppers BUT I’M TRYING TO BE BETTER). 

5. Get your brows all cray with Benefit’s Gimme Brows. I really like this stuff because, girl, you know how crazy I like dem brows to be. JUST LOOK AT DEMBUSHHHYYYY. 

6. Curl those lashes, slap on some mascara (don’t do that, god, that would hurt, treat your lashes better for Christ’s sake), and CALL. IT. DONE. I use Covergirl’s waterproof Clump Crusher on my upper lashes and MAC Cosmetic’s Extended Play Gigablack Lash on my lower lashes (I can’t even believe I’m telling you that I use two mascaras – like what the hell even am I)

On my face, I used MakeupGeek’s blush in Bliss to warm up my face and continue with the Bronzed Goddess look and added a bit of Too Faced Bronzed & Poreless Poreless Pore Perfecting Bronzer (yes, that name is stupid long) to my bronzy spots (This bronzer is really good for pale skin).

I hope you like it! And aren’t intimidated by all my “steps.” This really shouldn’t take very long and if you look closely, most of what I had to say is just nonsense, not necessity. 

To the furthest star and back,

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