Before and After: Brazilian Blowout at Choppers Hair Salon

Hello Kara,

This post is way overdue. My BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT EXPERIENCE.

First, let’s talk about my hair. My natural hair is unruly. It’s frizzy, there are like 19 different textures, and, as you can see in the first picture, cannot be contained within a single selfie. I color it and the only heat styling I do is straightening/curling. I rarely wash my hair (twice a week is a norm) and it’s still pretty damaged from when I went pink. I use more deep conditioning treatments (leave in conditioners, masks, oils) in a month than you will use in a lifetime, Kara. To minimize damage, I like to sleep with my hair wet so that it’s dry in the morning (because my hair takes ALL DAY to dry otherwise, I’m not exaggerating) so my hair would be in a horrible state when I’d wake up. So after a lot of debating, I decided to finally get a Brazilian blowout done on my hair!

I went to Choppers Salon in Scottsdale. I had a mixed experience. I really think the stylist did an amazing job, but the experience in the salon wasn’t the best. Let me explain.

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Hey Keddah,

So remember when I would get sick with a cold in college and I would be the most miserable person in the world and I would talk about how I’d rather die than have a cold and I’d say it either into a pillow or in that voice that sounds a lot like complaining to my mom about her not letting me having another spoonful of cookie dough?

Welp. Guess who caught a very nice case of the death. Me.

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Instagram post!

Hi Kara, this is going to be my life for the next three days. I don’t have anything much to tell you about this week – because I spent a lot of my time preparing for a business meeting in North Carolina – but I promise to send you pretty pictures of the beach this week while I enjoy my family and eat more than my body weight – which is very impressive. I am exhausted and I will see you soon 🙂 maybe more of an update this weekend! To the furthest star and back.


Crafty Crafts

First let me start by saying I have noted your book suggestion. But we both know the realistic timeline of me actually reading it. Remember my goal on my 101 in 1001 list is read 3 books in 3 years and I’m currently on book 2. If I ever finish A Game of Thrones, I’ll read The Name of the Wind next.

I wanted to do a picture post this week so I thought I’d show you how crafty my husband is. We do a lot of crafty crafts around here.


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Patrick Rothfuss, You Bastard: A tale of love and death by books.

Hi Keddah,

I don’t even know where to begin. There are so many things floating around my head. First, let me say that this will – at a point – be a gushy post about my fiancé. I don’t usually get gushy on social media but sometimes it just comes out. Second, I had every intension of doing the 50 book challenge this year and have failed miserably because of this series I’m about to talk about. Third, this post MAY in some convoluted universe contain a spoiler but not really. Fourth, Andrew is the ABSOLUTE PITS.

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I Don’t Adult

Steffi, let me tell you how hard it is for me to be an adult. Last week I had to go to the post office to mail a package. I’m lucky I didn’t have a panic attack in there. I couldn’t get the tape dispenser to work and had to ask for help. I didn’t know that mailing something in your own box was more expensive than the flat rate box, so I had to undo the tape on the box that a nice man just helped me with. I couldn’t figure out how to fold the flat rate box so this nice lady helped me and then I sealed the box without putting everything in it first. It was just a disaster and I felt like everyone was watching me and I couldn’t wait to run out the door. Can’t I print my own label and just stick a stamp on it and throw it in the mailbox from the comfort of my own house?

This stuff happens whenever I have to do adult things. Going to the bank, making a return, grocery shopping. I just don’t adult well.

I don’t mind though. I much rather enjoy staying up late playing Mario kart, playing blind tag every weekend for hours with our friends, having an endless need for disneyland, and listening to harry potter soundtracks as I fall asleep. Let’s not grow up, ok?

Btw, this post is late but not punishment worthy late! Woo!