A Disneyland Post!


Steffi, I kept this secret for a whole month! I’m never doing it again it was incredibly stressful, but it was worth it!

Grayson had absolutely no idea. When he woke up on Friday, the first words out of my mouth were, “Happy birthday! I have something to tell you.” He freaked out a little bit, then I told him we didn’t have to go to work, that we were driving to Phoenix, picking up my brother, and going to Disneyland!

We had a long, entertaining drive there and got to our amazing doubletree hotel my cousin helped me book. We ate too much Buffalo Wild Wings and watched lots of football and jackass— we laughed so much we couldn’t sleep!

We met Katie & Andrew at the park, rode the teacups and all of us decided that was a bad idea first thing in the morning, but I got some hilarious pictures. We always have such a fun time catching up and laughing with them that I never get any pictures with them! But they spent the whole day with us. We played some Fix It Felix Jr, talked about what house we were sorted into on Pottermore. My brother was the only one who hadn’t been sorted and we argued about what house he’d be in. I thought for sure slytherin, but he couldn’t believe that! So he took the quiz afterwards and he’d better be….GRYFFINDOR! (I should note here that we listened to Sorcerer’s Stone in the car and he was saying his famous quotes in his british accent. I told him I requested a recording of him reading the entire book and that you and Kelsi would receive copies. YOU’RE WELCOME.) We rode thunder mountain enough times since it was closed forever, Kyle and Grayson cheated in a waterfall splashing war and just threw an open water bottle at Katie and I! We squished into a few rides since we were an odd numbered group, ate ice cream, got adventure names from a man with an accent that rivaled Kyle’s. It was such a magical day.

The drive home was longer than normal, we blew a tire 45 mins out of phoenix at THREE O’CLOCK in the afternoon. Our feet were burning through our shoes, the jack failed, and my car fell. We were delayed about 2 hours. Then we drove through a dust storm and by the time we hit Tucson, I felt like we were driving towards doomsday. 11 hours after leaving the hotel, we were home and already wishing we were going back.


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