Hey Keddah,

So remember when I would get sick with a cold in college and I would be the most miserable person in the world and I would talk about how I’d rather die than have a cold and I’d say it either into a pillow or in that voice that sounds a lot like complaining to my mom about her not letting me having another spoonful of cookie dough?

Welp. Guess who caught a very nice case of the death. Me.

My head feels like it’s about 30 times it’s size – which is astonishing because I already have a very large head. And I have a fever. And I believe with all of my heart that my throat would be more comfortable if I ripped it out. I am in all of the misery.

To make it worse – I will probably not be able to go to Canada on Friday – which is incredibly upsetting because I was EXPECTING DONUTS.

This is a miserable post – but as my best friend you should expect nothing less under the circumstances that I’m DYING. Of the DEATH.

In response to your post about Disneyland : I am irrevocably jealous. It won’t be made better until we’re all reunited in Disneyland again. I cannot believe that you had such a miserable trip home! What did you blow the tire on? Did you find out? BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY DID YOU EAT A MICKEY SHAPED ICE CREAM FOR ME??

To the furthest star and back, wish me luck as I continue dying, do you have a thermometer…?


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