Today is Draft Day

Hi Steffi, I had an awesome picture post planned for today but I couldn’t get off the couch this weekend to take the pictures. Harry Potter marathon pull was way too strong. So you get a boring post about something you don’t care about. Sorry!

Today is our fantasy football draft day. After months of mock drafts (we even did one at Disneyland), research, and strategy planning the day is finally here. Almost the whole league will be in our office tonight and we’ll order pizza and prepare for another nail-biting draft. Then I call my brother and talk to him about everyone’s teams for about an hour. It’s a really fun family night full of smack talk, jealousy, and rage. You know you’re missing out, right?

Then we wait impatiently for the start of the regular season, 10 days from today.

Sometimes I feel like life is all about looking forward to the next exciting thing and people will try to remind you to live in the now and appreciate what’s happening now. But at the moment, as someone who plays fantasy football, I feel like I’ve been waiting since last season ended just for this day to be here and now my day-to-day life can start getting exciting. That’s definitely not true, but for today it is.

I don’t have a closing phrase yet,

Go Bengals!!


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