Save the Dates, in True Disney Fashion

Hello Kara,

I’m going to do a review of my gorgeous save the dates that were recently sent out! I purchased these from Kellie Cecilia’s Etsy shop. She was absolutely wonderful! She custom made these for me and, throughout the whole process, she was incredibly helpful and flexible with what I wanted to do. [Some personal information was removed for obvious reasons]

So, without further ado!

This is the front of my save the date. IT’S A FASTPASS I’M DYING. Now, I’m fully aware that RDCT doesn’t have a fastpass. Zero shits given. This is literally the most perfect thing. Now we considered doing Haunted Mansion – because it’s mine and Andrew’s favorite ride together – and I also considered Astro Blasters because it’s my favorite ride, but RDCT won because… well because it’s RDCT.

The fast pass is perforated and can be removed from the post card.

Here’s the back so you get an idea:

I couldn’t be more thrilled with these Save the Dates and my decision to forgo the ceremony! I would recommend Kellie to anyone who wants a unique Disney themed Save the Date. She is amazing and will be honored in my home for the rest of my life. My grandkitties will know her name. That is how much I love this woman.

Also, I will be saving things like our STD’s and invitations and I was HOPING that a certain someone who is really good at scrapbooking would make me a book… with this kinda stuff in it… ^-^

To the furthest star and back,


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