101 in 1001

Steffi. I know you made one of these with me. How’s it going?? If you’re still doing it, I have some questions for you at the bottom (hehe bottom).

If you are following us, we challenge you to make one of these lists!

The Challenge:

Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:

Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

End Date: August 23, 2016

Progress: 74/101

  1. Get tattoos
  2. Go on a US road trip
  3. Schedule doctor and dentist appointments each year
  4. Buy a house
  5. Buy a family car
  6. Buy a Christmas tree

  7. Start and finish a home project
    New laundry room
  8. Read at least one new book every year
    His Majesty’s Dragon
    Game of Thrones book 1
    You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)
  9. Have a yard sale
  10. Run a mile without stopping
  11. Make ten recipes from Pinterest
    Broccoli pasta salad 
    Nutella cupcakes
    Strawberry lemonade cookies (these did not turn out well!)

    Quinoa-stuffed bell peppers
    Avocado Tuna Salad
    Quinoa Enchilada Casserole
    One pan spicy sausage pasta
    Chocolate lava cake
    Pesto salmon & veggies in foil
    Slow cooker quinoa chili
  12. Send mom flowers sometime other than Mother’s Day
  13. Finish a digital painting and post it on DeviantArt
  14. Go camping
  15. Try 5 new foods
    Black-eyed peas
    Smoked turkey kielbasa
    Fried green tomato

    Homemade ramen!
  16. Go skydiving
  17. Finish my Harry Potter & Disney scrapbooks
  18. Make a few things to sell in an Etsy shop KHookCreations
  19. Watch all the Oscar nominated movies for best picture one year
    2016: The Big Short, Bridge of Spies, Brooklyn, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Martian, The Revenant, Room, Spotlight
  20. Meet an idol
  21. Achieve a fitness goal. Me: do crow pose, Grayson: 1000 lb lifting club
  22. Bake a pie

  23. Start a pay it forward in a coffee drive thru
  24. Get a pedicure with my mom
  25. Donate to Goodwill
  26. Buy groceries with only reusable bags for a month
  27. Make costumes
    Tucson Comicon
  28. Have a Hunger Games movie marathon
  29. Paint all my minatures (Grayson)
  30. Get paid for painting models (Grayson)
  31. Get Sterling to go to the gym 3x a week for 1 month
  32. Call Channing once a month for one semester
  33. Get a puppy for Link
  34. Do something every week with our friends
    Get Air! Blind tag and board games
    get air
    blind tag
  35. Buy a lottery ticket when there’s a crazy big jackpot
  36. Go to an NFL game
  37. Buy a rifle
  38. Go to a Comic Con Phoenix Comicon 2014, 2015, 2016, Tucson Comicon 2014, 2015
  39. Attempt a recipe from Nerdy Nummies
    pancake cupcakes
    Mountain Dew/Doritos cupcakes
  40. Leave a 50% tip
  41. Make a man cave
  42. Start a family board game night at Grayson’s parents’ house
  43. Go to church or bible study every week for 5 weeks
  44. Bring on 10 properties by myself or 12 leases in 1 month (Grayson)
  45. Earn the ‘What a long, strange trip it’s been’ achievement in WoW
  46. Put honeymoon pictures on facebook
  47. Start a 401K
  48. Get a raise
  49. Complete the Harry Potter Top 200 quiz
  50. Plant something
  51. Eat breakfast in bed
  52. Go on a “staycation”
  53. Leave a Nerdfighter note in a John Green book

  54. Write down what we’re thankful for every day for a month
  55. Practice yoga every morning for 2 weeks
  56. Make a lightbox
  57. Put up Christmas lights outside
  58. Host a meal at our house
  59. Floss everyday for a month
  60. Rewatch LOST
  61. Complete a puzzle
  62. Teach Link a new trick
    He jumps! 
    He says hi
  63. Make a homemade pizza
  64. Make quinoa
  65. Keep up a regular work out schedule
  66. Run in a fun 5k
    Grayson mud runKara mud run
  67. Visit a National Park
  68. Go to 3 states we’ve never been to
  69. Make a dessert in the crock pot
  70. Participate in the Christmas Angel Tree program
  71. Dress up at the Renaissance Festival
    ren fair 2014
  72. File compliments about 5 employees (4/5)
    Skipper Joel, Ardine @ Panera, Samantha @ WOD, deli guy
  73. Paint my nails a neon color
  74. Kickstart something
    Remember the Sultana Documentary
    Snorffles & Meeps Vol. 3
  75. Donate my hair again
  76. Make a Kiva loan
  77. Go to Disneyland together
  78. Do a pull up
  79. Get a massage
  80. Use a face mask
  81. Inspire someone else to do this list
  82. Do the Harry Potter Workout Challenge
  83. Buy a big new water bottle and drink the whole thing all day at work
  84. Go to a beach
  85. Make a giant outdoor game
  86. Try quilling
  87. Make a wreath
  88. Beat a video game
    Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  89. Go to a local farmer’s market
  90. Get our wedding decorations out of my dad’s shop
  91. Replace the timing belt in my car
  92. Take enough family photos to make a calendar every year
  93. Attend a concert
  94. Play fantasy football every year (& win?!)
    2013 Winner: Grayson
    2014 Winner: Trevor
    2015 Winner: Trevor
  95. Visit our friends in Flagstaff
  96. Teach someone I love something I love
  97. Volunteer
  98. Visit family in Colorado

  99. Laugh till I cry
    I watched this Jenna Marbles video
  100. Take pictures of as many of these things as I can
  101. Put $10 in savings for every goal completed ($740)
  1. How much do you have left to go? I have 2 years left and 75 goals left to go! Although some of mine I can’t cross off til the end, there are still a lot left.
  2. What did you most recently cross off? I was able to cross off ‘get tattoos’ and ‘do the Harry Potter workout challenge’!
  3. Which one would you like to complete next? I’m looking to cross off ‘visit family in Colorado’ ‘make costumes’ and ‘run a race’ in the next 3 months!
  4. Which one are you most concerned you won’t finish? ‘Go to 3 states we’ve never been to’ and ‘go on a US road trip’. We travel a lot, but it’s to the same states. I might want to change that one to unique places or something.

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