101 in 1001: A Response


Your post made me sad, because, as you know, my list was more of my crazy than anything else and I didn’t even finish it, let alone pursue it. So here is my list, which begins now? And ends on June 6th, 2017. (As a warning, there’s still quite a bit of my crazy in there)

End Date: June 6th, 2017

Progress: 22/101


1. Go to Disney World with Andrew

2. Go to Harry Potter land with Andrew

3. Travel abroad

4. Vacation in the Caribbean/Mexico (speak in a pirate accent when acceptable; doesn’t count as #3)

5. Go to IMATS

6. Go to BeautyCon

7. Visit New York City

8. Go to Mickey’s Halloween Party


9. Go on four romantic weekend get-aways

a. 12/2/14-12/5/14 (not a weekend but w/e)

10. Visit Flagstaff for a weekend

11. Visit Tucson for a weekend (obvi, this really means spend a weekend with Kara) 10/10/14

12. Visit the aquarium Andrew is always going on about

13. Travel on my own

14. Visit a museum


Museum of Man in San Diego, CA (12/3/14)

15. Visit the Walt Disney Family Museum (doesn’t count as #14)

16. Go to a strip club in Vegas (women dancers only)

17. Visit a Disney Park outside of the county

Self Care:

18. Fall in love with myself (corny, yeah whatever, but it’s a thing)

19. Wear tank tops for a week in the summer

I wear tank tops more than anything else now, but here’s proof!


20. Wear a sleeveless dress out and about


21. Go to the beach in my fatkini

22. Take Boudoir photographs

23. At least two no pants weekends a month for 12 months (nonconsecutive)

24. Go two weeks a year without makeup

a. (9/9/14-9/17/14)

25. Throw away any clothes that don’t fit

26. Learn how to exercise for me and not for skinny benefits

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week and Self Love Progress

27. Go to yoga once a week for a month

28. Work out four days a week for a month. (30 minutes minimum)

29. Participate in a Color Run

30. Have a pamper night once a month for 6 months (not consecutive)

31. Get a facial

32. Get a massage

Things to Do (No Money Required):

33. Spend a weekend each year dedicated to doing whatever Andrew wants

34. Sneak backstage in Disneyland (annual pass so this doesn’t count as “buy”)

35. Be reunited in Disneyland with Kara


36. Volunteer at an animal shelter (without taking anyone home)

37. Convince Andrew we need a third cat.

38. Play the ground is lava for 12 hours

39. Do 5 makeup looks on PT

a. Drag Makeup

b. Bridal Makeup

40. Dance like an idiot in public

41. Spring clean

42. Go without electronic social interactions for a week (Facebook, Instagram, Texting, etc.)

43. Watch every Disney movie I own, A to Z, sing loudly along

44. Sing something to Andrew as awkwardly as possible (idea: Drake hands)

45. Convince my friends to let me use their faces for a makeup portfolio (3)

a. Drag Makeup (Maggie)

b. Bridal Makeup (Danielle)

46. Try nail art

47. Photobomb a picture and ask someone if I can have a copy

48. Replay all Deathspank games

49. Pretend to be Donna Reed for a weekend

50. Drink one purple jug of water a day for a month

51. Learn 100 words in sign language

52. Kiss Donald Duck


53. Do a makeup purge


54. Marathon Harry Potter

55. Go to Maryann’s and NOT LEAVE SOMETHING (11/26-11/27/14)

56. Sing Karaoke

57. Play a table top game

king of tokyo

58. Marathon a new show on Netflix


59. Watch a new show that Andrew likes (even if I don’t)

Attack on Titans

Things to Do/Buy (Money Required):

60. Get married

61. Take engagement photos

Done! View the album by clicking the link!

62. Read 50 books

a. Goodreads Bookshelf

63. Get another tattoo ANY TATTOO DAMNIT

cat tattoo

64. Buy an outrageous animal for someone from Heifer and name it Fido.

65. Donate to Kiva.org

66. Kickstart something

67. Buy a stranger coffee

68. Give a homeless person dinner

69. Have crazy colored hair again (the day after my wedding I swear to Walter)

70. Buy a Jo Malone perfume

71. Become a VIB Rouge Member at Sephora


72. Get platinum status at Ulta


73. Try a teeth whitening thing

74. Do a puzzle


75. Plan two disneybounds

a. mmm collage

76. Make a YouTube video

77. See a show at Gammage

78. See Disney On Ice

79. For 6 months, only allow myself to eat ice cream if it’s a flavor I haven’ had yet.

80. Go to high tea with Kara, dress fancy, wear hats, sing songs from Alice in Wonderland

81. Eat at five new restaurants in my area

a. Indian Paradise

82. Ruin a cake with my face

83. Spend too much money at an arcade with Andrew, claim winnings as my own

84. Buy all the seasons of Ancient Aliens, watch them and video message Chris snippets of the segments.


86. Play one new game a year that Andrew suggests

a.FantasyLifepic2 (2014)

b. story of seasons(2015)

87. Subscribe to a news outlet

Things to Make:

88. Make sushi

89. Learn to make 12 new cookies


90. Make French macaroons

91. Bake a pie


92. Make homemade ice cream

93. Plant an herb “garden”

94. Accumulate 10 new “staple” dinners

a. Shrimp Ceviche

b. Pita Pizza’s

c. Stirfry

95. Complete a DIY project of my choice


Ways/Things to Save:

96. Save $3000 for my honeymoon

97. Put $1000 in an emergency savings account

98. Get a raise (10/14/14)

99. Don’t eat out for a month

100. Go a month a year without buying any makeup

101. Put $10 into a savings account every time a task is completed

I’m so excited!

To the furthest star and back,

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