Disneyland Trip


BOOBS am I right?


Goofy doing his.


Mickey doing his.


Us doing ours.

Hi Keddah,

I know I already posted once this week, but I WENT TO DISNEYLAND, and that was a response post so I probably would have been punished. Can we do response posts for awesome stuff? DID I BREAK A RULE THAT WE HAVEN’T MADE UP YET?

Andrew and I had an amazing time. We went on the train and into the Animation Studios and saw Aladdin and because T-Mobile doesn’t work in Disneyland, we were really focused on each other the whole time and it was just the best. Except for the fact that it was 93 degrees. And I don’t function at that heat. I did a fair bit of complaining. Going to Trader Sam’s helped. I will never be as happy as I am when I’m drinking a Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum.

I ate so much food. That’s all I do in Disneyland, eat, go on the train, eat, watch Aladdin, eat, eat, POOP, go on the train again, Soundsational Parade (WHO’S THE LEADER OF THE CLUB THAT’S MADE FOR YOU AND MEEEeeeEEE, M I C /dumdumdum K E Y /dumdadadum M O U S E MICKEY MOUSE! MICKEY MOUSE! FOREVER LET US HOLD OUR BANNERS HIIIIIIIGH), Mickey and the Magical Map (IF WE ALL BELIEVE. IN THE WORLD OF DREAMS. AND IIIMMMAAAAAAAGINATION!), eat, complain about how hot it is, die, be revived by food, eat, leave.

You would have hated it =P

WE WILL BE REUNITED AGAIN. When it’s cooler. And I have a shower cap.

To the furthest star and back,

PS Bonus picture of me being so excited that my head melted into my shoulders. RADIATOR SPRINGS DESERVES ALL OF THE HYPE. IT IS THE BEST THING OH MY GOD. And for anyone about to throw shade over me not going on it until now, put your goddamn face away. I do not wait in 90 minute lines for ANYTHING. The park was dead because it was so DAMN HOT so we were able to get fastpasses at likeā€¦ 3PM. Shut up. I WANT NONE OF IT.


PPS seriously though, is it just me or are the toilets in Disneyland designed specifically to make poop come out? I feel like if I sat on one for maybe an hour, it would be like an intestinal cleanse. BEFORE I SIT I’M POOPING that is how convincing these toilets are to my butt.


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