Nerd Vinyl Collection

Steffi I dunno if you’ve noticed, but Grayson and I buy a lot of vinyl toys. I guess we sort of collect them now. Someday we’ll build a proper shelf like in Mental Floss and shove plushies in jars display them all together.

Blind bags and boxes are always fun. We got really lucky with a couple of Hobbit ones and only got one repeat. Look at lit-tle Mr. Bilbo!

Some transformers lootcrate loot and blind bags.

These are all from lootcrate! The Nord from Elder Scrolls, Finn, a creeper, and Robb Stark.

Mario blind boxes from Target

These were honestly 4 quarters each in a coin machine. Their heads split in half and you can put the body inside!

Wait for it…..






Raphael from lootcrate

These next ones are mixture of toys from target and our local comic shop, blind boxes from Hot Topic, and blind bags at Disneyland.

And then there’s the Funko Pop! figures…

We’ve got Nightwing, Robin, Carl, Zurg (found in New Zealand!), R2-D2, Bilbo, Finn, Mike Wazowski, Thor, Buzz, a mini Maleficent & Evil Queen, Arthas, Deadpool, Illidan, Stormfly, Toothless, the glow-in-the-dark Groot from lootcrate, Fix-It Felix, Vanellope, Mrs. Potts & Chip, and Ghost the direwolf.

And last but not least I thought I’d show you what we do with googly eyes in our house. PREPARE YOURSELF.

You’re welcome for the Christmas ideas!


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