Now I am Excite Part 2

Hello Keddah,

While you were piggybacking off of my post from last week, I am going to do the same with yours! Here are some things that I am V. Excite about.

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Mom’s Chili

Hi Steffi,

I’m totally piggybacking on your post from last week and showing you how I make my mom’s chili! Also, you’ll be happy to hear that I bought zucchini and squash to make your yummy dinner. I’m scared of your chunks of garlic (SERIOUSLY?!) though so I won’t be trying any of that.

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A Serious Post: My Experience with Eating and Body Dysmorphic Disorders

Hi Keddah,

So, I feel a bit weird. I want to talk about something important (to me) and serious, but I’ve never really spoken about this in any sort of coherent or public way. And we’ve never been serious on the blog before. But I feel compelled to talk about this and I don’t think I’ll be satisfied with anything I put up here until I do.

I guess I’ll just jump into it. Also, trigger warning? Cuz that’s a thing on the internet.

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