I want to be the best there ever was ♫♪♫

Hi Steffi,

I may or may not spend some time trying to recite the pokerap. I am no where close, but SOMEDAY. My brother introduced me to this gem and maybe someday I’ll be able to do all the voices too. Except the screeching birds, that’s just unnecessary. I burst out laughing every time I hear vilePLUUUME. Just imagine this moment, I couldn’t find a gif of the ‘hoo!’:

I’m giving you homework this week so we can be awesome and rap this when you’re here this weekend.

Watch the Pokerap.


I loved all your gifs last week so I had to use some. Can we make them mandatory?

PS I did my punishment and it’s here for anyone who missed it. I wanted to do I Wanna Be Like You so bad, I say we just do it together when you get here 🙂


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