Etsy Faves

Hi Steffi,

I’ve been doing some window shopping on Etsy today so I wanted to show you my favorites.

1. Kitty rings by authfashion
The whole shop is adorable so you should probably look at it.

2. Fox gloves by Pomber
These look so cozy!

Fox Fingerless Gloves (Chunky) - Free Shipping Worldwide

3. Fancy mugs by wandersketch
I just see me, you, Grayson and Andrew sitting at a table drinking tea out of these with our pinkies up. You see it, right?

fancy glass coffee mug - custom text

4. Crochet Zero by MissBajoCollection
This is one of the cutest crochet shops I know. Her items are so tiny!

Zero Nightmare Before Christmas

5. Christmas shirt by TshirtMarket
No it’s not too early and yes I may buy this because it’s awesome level is far too high. Kevin, you’re such a disease!

3/4 Sleeve "Ugly Christmas Sweater"  T-shirt:  "Merry Christmas ya Filthy Animal"

6. Marauder’s Map shoes by embedit

Beige Toms Style Marauder's Map Harry Potter Shoes

7. Owl card holder by octopurse

Fabric card holder - Realistic owls / Japanese fabric / Hoot / Fall woodland / Natural linen black dark grey charcoal / mushrooms / rustic

Have fun shopping! WINDOW shopping. I am not responsible for any impulse purchases 😉



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