101 in 1001 Update

Hello Kara,

I don’t have much of anything to say this week, as my work is keeping me VERY busy. So I thought I would go easy on myself and give you an update on my 101 in 1001 PRAJECKT.

My first completed task was binge watching Orange is the New Black.


THAT SHOW IS SO GOOD. I’ve also had a fair few lesbian dreams since watching that show (BANGED EMMA WATSON, CHECK) and I don’t know if I’m complaining. Sorry Andrew.



Which I did this past weekend. And it was wonderful. And I miss you already. I hate leaving you. Can Andrew and I move in? I promise I’ll help you clean.

Third task was getting Platinum status at Ulta.


I had to spend, I shit you not, cents to get it, but I finally did it and I can’t wait to get my new pretty card.

Fourth task was baking a pie!


We did it and it looked so cute! NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW what happened when we cut into it.

Fifth task completed is GETTING A RAISE WHAAAAT.


I am so excite!

Current Balance in 101 account: $50.00

Upcoming Challenges to be completed in October:

Complete a DIY Project of my choice, Go to Mickey’s Halloween Party, and Kiss Donald Duck.

To the furthest star and back,

P.S. Some changes have been made to my list. I made some really vague stuff less vague (like drink more water, save more money, etc.). The only one I got rid of was buy a laptop and I switched it out with build a puzzle. Can I use the puzzle we did this weekend as a completed task or do I need to make a new puzzle. You tell me!

P.P.S. THAT ZERO. I’M DYING. He was so cute with his tiny little head. I nearly died


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