I Am Excite Part 2

Hi Steffi,

It’s time to tell you about more things that I’m excited about!

  1. Moana – A Disney movie like Zelda? Yes please.
  2. Crocheting a Baymax from Big Hero 6.
  3. Tucson Comic-Con! Nov 8th-9th. I’ll be selling my crochet stuff with a steampunk group called Airship Sleipnir. Once comicon is over, I’ll be able to take some custom orders, but then I have to think about doing Phoenix Comicon!
  4. Reading The Maze Runner. We saw the movie last weekend and I can’t wait to read the book.
  5. K Hook Creations blog. Got this little thing up and running a little while ago. When I’m not crocheting like a mad person, I should have more time to write down patterns and post.
    The biggest plushie I've made is finished!  He is 10" tall ⚡🐁 #crochet #crochetaddict #handmade #diy #plushie #pokemon #raichu
  6. My Nurse Joy costume and Grayson’s Lt. Surge costume. Progress is being made! I can’t wait to show you when they’re all done.
  7. Our “secret project” in a few weeks. SHHH °o°
  8. Rugged Maniac obstacle course on Nov 22nd in Phoenix!

P.S. 101 in 1001 update:
Visit family in Colorado
Photo Collage Maker_dhT4ho
We found an epic looking gym for blind tag that we can dream about, went to an aquarium, had way too much fun at Fort Fun riding go karts, playing mini golf and laser tag, and we enjoyed the beautiful leaves!

29/101 complete
672 days left

P.P.S. Yes you can use our puzzle to complete your 101 in 1001 task 🙂


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