Hi Kara,

Today I’m gonna show you how I make one of my favorite food things: THIS.


Start by chopping up zucchini and yellow squash. Put it in a disgusting, don’t look at it pan and cover it in olive oil and lemon pepper. You’re doing a disservice to yourself and the world if you don’t use a LOT of both. You’ll need the oil later anyways so GLUG GLUG GLUG, my friend.

400 degrees is the language of love.


Do pretty much the same thing to some brussels. Use less oil and substitute the lemon pepper for some regular pepper and salt, basically it’s totally different whatever.

Same goes for these guys: 400 degrees (I put them in together with the zucchini and squash and I try to get them in the oven first cuz they take FOREVER to cook, which is also why I cut them so teeny tiny).


If you’re crazy like me, put some garlic on some aluminum foil and burn the crap out of it roast them to perfection. Eat those on their own cuz THEY’RE DELICIOUS. Or put them in the pasta. You do you.


While the veggies are a’cookin, make some pasta (I made orzo because it’s adorable and looks like rice but it actually has flavor which rice does not). When the pasta is done, pull out the zucchini and squash and pour the context of the pan INCLUDING THE OIL into a pan with your pasta. Stir and eat!

Ooohh preeeettyyyy.

brussles 2

Also, while everything else is cooking, make two boobs of parmesan cheese. When the Brussels are done, DUMP IT ON THEM, stir and eat happiness.


Finish it off with a Disney Mug of Trader Joe’s vanilla ice cream and Trader Joe’s chocolate syrup – if you dare.

This meal is vegetarian, but with a few simple tweaks it could be gluten free or vegan. OR get meaty and throw some chicken breast in that pasta. DELICIOUS. Enjoy!

I hope you get a chance to try it out/I get to make it for you one day.

To the furthest star and back,

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