Now I am Excite Part 2

Hello Keddah,

While you were piggybacking off of my post from last week, I am going to do the same with yours! Here are some things that I am V. Excite about.

1) Sephora! As you know, I got a part time job at Sephora for the holiday season. (Hopefully forever and ever and ever please Sephora gods I need you to do me a solid and keep me on for the rest of my life.) I will be working one day a week (weekends only) and I’m so freaking excited. Yesterday was my first day, (you’re thinking, “Yesterday was Tuesday, you tart, get your shit together,” – but that was because this week was weird, and excellent use of the word tart, Kara, I’m very pleased) and they didn’t have anyone to train me on the cash register because it was a fluke thing that I was working that day – so they put me in Fragrance to assist clients and I’VE NEVER HAD MORE FUN IN MY LIFE. This is DISNEYLAND fun. I basically walked around sniffing perfume for three hours – best headache of my LIFE. I even sold some perfume! I need to talk to my boss about their policy on stuff that I can do with this blog and products – but after that I should be good to review anything that I buy. YAY.

2) Disneyland Trip and Mickey’s Halloween Party: This weekend I will be going to Mickey’s Halloween Party for the first time EVER and I am beyond thrilled. I cannot wait for you to see my costume WHICHISASECRETSHHHH. We were able to extend our trip to include an extra day in the park and I’m positively bouncing with excitement. WHAT DO I WEAR.

3) Our secret project SHHHH GOD, KARA, SSSSSSSSHHHHH.

4)  Is this really all I’m excited for? I need to be better at lists.

Things I’m not excited for:

1) The fact that another year has gone by and I’ve not been made Supreme Ruler of Disneyland.

101 in 1001 Updates:

I know you said I could use our puzzle as my puzzle but I feel like that’s cheating so I’m going to require another puzzle being made at some point.

But I did complete a task #20 Wear a sleeveless dress out and about!


That makes 7/101 complete! Woohoo!

To the furthest star and back,


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