Top 5 Disneyland Attractions

Hi Steffi!

Here’s my top 5 list. California Adventure omitted obvs.

  1. Indiana Jones – IndiANA Jones. I have the most fun on this ride with my brother. He came up with all these actions we have to do every single time we ride it. Dodging the arrows, scaring me with spider hands yelling basilisk at the snake, just to name a few. I swear I ride it at least 3 times every time I go. Just trying to get all three doors. Try lifting your hands AND feet the entire time!
  2. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters – Defeating Zurg and becoming Galactic Heroes and such. One of my favorite days in Disneyland will forever be the day we spent the only 5 hours we had taking just over the leader board. Much wins, many lasers. THE TARGETS ARE WORTH MORE WHEN THEY’RE LIT!

    My 1st million. And I'm in a rain poncho

    My 1st million. And I’m in a rain poncho

  3. Haunted Mansion Holiday – This is just candy for my eyeballs.
  4. Big Thunder – The wildest ride in the wilderness! THE GOAT. We close our eyes and take pictures the entire time. Produces pure gold.
  5. Winnie the Pooh – This is the best ‘I just need to sit down’ ride. Plus it’s never more than a 5 minute wait. It’s obligatory to go into Pooh Corner afterwards.

Honorable Mention: The Matterhorn – Again, PURE GOLD.

And the one attraction I have never been on:

So, a punishment is in order. Steffi, you must have Andrew do your makeup and make an instagram video of it.


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