More Etsy Faves!

Hi Steffi,

Here’s my top 10 Etsy favorites for this week! Forgive me for the lack of words, we had a busy weekend!

1. Cozy lightsCandlestick. Light decoration for the sill. The Winter's Tale. Christmas ornament. Wooden decor Plywood.Christmas decor. Wooden candlestick.

2. Deathly Hallows Lamp
Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Table Lamp Harry Potter Kids Lamp Living Room Lamp Geometric Lamp Master of Death

3. Leaf Backpack
Green Leaf Mini Backpack, Women's Rucksack, Waterproof Festival Backpack, Hipster Backpack, Lightweight Cycling Bag, Durable Woodland Design

4. Wristlet
Polka dot grey wristlet Clutch Purse Vegan Faux leather Retro Minimalist

5. Marauder’s Map Scarf
Marauders Map, Infinity Scarf, Harry Potter, Scarf, TootSweetSkirts LOVE Introductory Price!

6. Zelda N64
NINTENDO N64 custom zelda triforce console black and gold

7. Scaled Gloves
Scaled Fingerless mittens Green Ombre texting gloves

8. Charizard Amigurumi
X Charizard pokemon

9. Jack Skellington Ornaments
Jack Skellington Ornaments (One Dozen)

10. Frozen Pillow…
Beautiful pillow for kids Frozen Plush soft

….haha just kidding, get that shit out of here.

10. 8-Bit Fireplace
8-Bit Fireplace (Pink Lemonade)

Double hand wave means GOODBYE!


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