Naughty Purchases: A Beauty Haul

Hi Kara!

I’ve made some naughty purchases since working at Sephora. Here they are!


1) Bite Beauty’s Best Bite Remix.

That little red tin has been so nice! There are four very flattering lip crayons in it and it has a lovely large mirror. I would really recommend the brand – all of their products are made with food grade ingredients and I think that’s pretty effin’ neat.

2) Nars’s Virtual Domination Cheek Palette

This thing is just lovely. That highlighter makes shiver it’s so beautiful. And who doesn’t love Nars blush. I mean. I just. Yes.

3) Urban Decay’s Vice 3 Palette

Fourth row in from the left (the pink row) makes me 10 kinds of stupid. It’s so beautiful. And the mirror is great for travel. It seems like a very sturdy palette. I’M PLEASED.

4) Make Up For Ever’s Eyeshadows/Blushes/Colors For Your Face

I purchased: D286 (Fig), ME728 (Copper Red), I738 (Copper Red), M536 (Milk Tea), ME734 (Tangerine), and I746 (Watermelon). 

These are just incredible. They put every other eyeshadow to shame. I’m upset I purchased the Vice 3 because that money could have been used on the MUFE shadows. They’re just so amazing. I can’t get enough. I want one of each and I’ve already planned on getting my next three. IT’S A SICKNESS.

5) Urban Decay’s Naked Double Basic’s Brush

Great brush, I love synthetic. I pretty much just bought it for the little nubbly side to smudge on my bottom lashes and it’s going to be a forever brush, I can tell.

6)  Sephora Collection’s Classic Multitasker Powder Brush

I have no intension to use this thing for powder. It makes a fantastic foundation brush. Love love love. And cheaper than Sigma HAY.

Also THIS:


This moisturizer is my everything. Yes Yes. I love it a million times.

Also THIS:



To the furthest star and back,


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