The ~*~Secret~*~ Project

Hi Kara,

Hi Steffi,


Best snack eaten:

I know you’ll probably be disappointed, but….the gingerbread man and a carton of milk. It was just so fun to eat and surprisingly soft. Plus you know my little carton of milk was adorable.

I’m gonna throw a curveball here and say the loaded baked potato. MMMMasdjfksd.

How many times did you pee?

TONS. Let’s name the bathrooms. Hungry Bear, Adventureland, City Hall, Hollywood Blvd, Little Mermaid. You made me drink so much water!

I drank an equal amount of water IF NOT MORE and I went pee ONCE. ONCE!!! In one and a half days. My body hates me.

Didja poop?

YES! Disneyland has magical poop-inducing toilets.

No. I have an immeasurable amount of sadness. 

Favorite memory:

Meeting Oswald!

Being the “cutest lesbians in Disneyland.”

Second favorite memory:

Me getting scared at the ship’s canon. I mean, really.

Seeing Aladdin with you again! Our Genie was so good! I BEAT UP SOM’ SECURITY GUARDS SO MAH BES FRIENDS COULD SIT FRON’ROW.


Huge, MASSIVE thank you to one of our loyal readers, biggest fans, and cutest friend Katie and her man, Andrew, for joining us in our weirdness and letting us stay with you. You guys are the absolute best and we can’t wait to hang out in Disneyland together again (and again, and again). And, Andrew, we’re sorry we burst into tears when you told us that the RDCT fireworks are no more… We’re so weird. 

❤ to the furthest star and back!


2 thoughts on “The ~*~Secret~*~ Project

  1. Love this! Too funny – especially the pooping bit! My ex when we were in Epcot said he was going to “poop around the world”. Lets just say he didn’t achieve that, even with a super high fibre diet.

    Being the “cutest lesbians in Disneyland.” <————– best comment ever! Yay you two! 🙂

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