Nurse Joy Cosplay

Hi Steffi! I want to show you how I made my steampunk Nurse Joy cosplay that I wore to Tucson Comic-Con. It took about a month to make and it turned out super awesome!

Nurse Joy Cosplay


Nurse Joy Cosplay Supplies

You’ll need patterns and fabric, sewing supplies, and some steampunk bits. I used a simple dress pattern and made her apron as a corset top. My mother-in-law was a huge help here! I’m still a sewing noob.

Nurse Joy CosplayNurse Joy CosplayNurse Joy Cosplay

Lots of sewing! We altered the sleeves of the dress by using a pattern for a different dress and we combined two of the corset options together, as well as incorporating leather; Yes, I was trying to make things as difficult as possible.

Nurse Joy CosplayNurse Joy Cosplay

The gears on the eyelet holes are glued on and the buckles are sewed on. Everything is lined and beautiful!

Then I made spats. Aaaand I sewed my “brilliantly put together” ribbon and elastic frill on backwards. You’re supposed to see the pink ribbon, but it’s on the wrong side. So I had to undo it all. I ended up finding some pink lace later anyway so it worked out better 🙂

Nurse Joy CosplayNurse Joy Cosplay

Nurse Joy Cosplay

My hat was crocheted and I added some little dangly-bits to it. A vial of blood and feathers, you know. There’s just a simple hair clip attached through the yarn that was easy to wear.

Nurse Joy Cosplay Nurse Joy Cosplay

Don’t forget a prop! I crocheted a fancy Chansey.

Nurse Joy Cosplay

And done! It was a huge success at comicon and a lot of fun to wear, minus the heels which made my toes go numb after all day.

Nurse Joy Cosplay

Brock found me!

Nurse Joy Cosplay

Bonus: Grayson was Lt. Surge and here’s a couple in-progress shots of his cosplay.

He built Raichu’s cage and ran wiring to his hands to weaponize himself and I made Raichu 🙂

Lt. Surge CosplayLt. Surge Cosplay  Lt. Surge Cosplay

Lt. Surge Cosplay


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