Sephora Girls!!

Hello Kara,

Real talk: I’ve had a miserable fucking week. My emotional bucket is full and I’m thoroughly done. And I could seriously leave my post at that.

But you know what isn’t miserable? Free makeup from my job.



I got all of that stuff free to try because I work at the most glorious place in the whole world. I will do some reviews on the products as I try them but here are my two reviews so far:

Kat Von Dee Tattoo Liner: this thing is a FANTASTIC liquid liner and I’ve already had one before and LOVE. It’s got a lovely brush like applicator which makes a thin line possible. I wouldn’t suggest this for beginners but for someone a bit more comfortable with liquid liners.

Este Lauder Advanced Night Repair: I don’t know if I’ve tried this long enough to notice a difference in my skin but I like it as a serum. It’s seriously stinky though and that may be a drawback for some.

And that is it. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I love you to the furthest star and back.


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