Mia 2 Review

Mia 2 Winter Hydration Set from Sephora

Hi Steffi! Remember that wonderful thing you did when you bought the Mia 2 Winter Hydration set from Sephora for me? YES. Thank you! I love this thing!

First though, let me tell you a horror story. When I went to open the box and take everything out, the damn plastic was too slippery and everything exploded out of the box. My reflexes saved the precious Mia case, but not the brush itself. My brain is a failure. Anyway, everything survived and the world is okay.


I’ve used it twice a week for two weeks and my skin feels amazing!! I love scrubbing my face and my washcloth just wasn’t up to par. And you know how I scratch at my face when it’s not CLEAN clean. I’m so terrible. But now my face is smooth and clean and I don’t have to touch it! I haven’t even wore makeup the last few days because I didn’t want to ruin the “dewy” clean look and feel of my face.


I use it in the shower for supreme easy use with the Boscia cleanser it came with, which is nice and soapy.


I was using the FAB moisturizer afterwards, but it’s just too thick and intense for my face so I went back to my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.


I haven’t used the GlamGlow moisturizer yet and since it’s travel sized, I’ll be saving it for a plane ride or something. Great idea to use it on a long flight when your face turns into a dry, cracked desert plain begging for water.

I am over the moon happy with this gift! I’m curious to see how often I’ll really have to change out the brush heads. They’re not the cheapest and I’m terrible at remembering to buy replacement things. I guess when my face stops being glamorous, I’ll know.

Hashtag nomakeup nofilter.

P.S. I’ve been making sure I pay more attention to my neck since you scolded told me and I LOVE YOU. I must have the softest neck on the west side of the mississippi y’all.

P.P.S. Remember that horrifying skin purging I heard about? Yeah, that’s not really a thing that happens when you use a Clarisonic. It does happen, but only with active ingredients of new products you use. The more you know.

3 thoughts on “Mia 2 Review

    • Steffi here: YES! Your hands, neck and face are the first parts of your skin to show age. It is SO SO easy to just drag your moisturizer down your neck and it will do you a world of good! If you really really love yourself, take it all the way down your chest. You’ll thank yourself when you’re fifty!

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