A 101 in 1001 Update

Crossing things off my list! Here’s the ones I completed this month:

#6. Buy a christmas tree – It plays music! We got up at 5am on Black Friday to get it. We were in Phoenix so Link had to sit on the floor of the car on the way home because the box took up the whole back seat. The sacrifices.
20141129_101427 (1)

#27. Make costumes – Nurse Joy and Lt. Surge at Tucson Comicon. Fun fact: I still can’t feel one of my toes from wearing the heels all day.
Tucson Comicon

#66. Run in a fun 5k – Rugged Maniac! This was such a blast, we’re definitely doing it again.

Grayson mud runKara mud run

Total: 32/101
Time left: 623 days
My complete list here

P.S. You are long overdue for your punishment, I better see it this week!

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