This isn’t worth reading.

Hi Kara,

I know I sent you a text saying that I had six dementors following me around today, but it’s gone down to four or maybe three.

Here’s a little list of things I’m grateful for on a remarkably miserable day:

1. My hubby. I could say a trillion things about how grateful I am to him, especially now, but it would take more effort than I’m capable of. He brought me home sushi, lit my favorite candles, bought flowers for me. Best of all, he never lets me go too long without a hug when I need one.

2. My amazing friends – whom I can talk to even when my brain tells me to shut out the world. Who send me crazy texts about what they’re buying with their Sephora VIB discount and ask me what they should buy. Who make me smile and are true gems.

3. Sephora. A job that is absolute, complete blissful fun. My managers are incredible. They are so nice and appreciative and they understand my weirdness. I sent an email the other day asking for our employee discount code cuz I’m freaking out about the new Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Palette and there was a LOT of my weirdness in the email – and she not only understood my weirdness but FREAKED OUT TOO. I am so grateful to this wonderful job.

4. You and this project. I can’t write anymore cuz I’m already in tears but I love you the muchiest and I don’t know what I’d do without this and us.

To the furthest star and back,


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