Saturday Morning

Hi Kara!

Since my post earlier this week was miserable – imma tell you what I did this morning!

First: I made these adorable little Baymax Oreos.


Are you satisfied with your care???

They were super easy to make and I had a lot of fun! Andrew said they were delicious. This is what I used to make them.


Easy peasy!

Second: I put my Map of Disneyland puzzle in a frame and Andrew hung it for me in the kitchen.


Innitpretty??? (Said in Baby Charlotte voice)

Third: I did my punishment. Andrew doesn’t understand why he was punished too.


I’m so beautiful.

Fourth: I’m in the middle of making glitter pine cones for decoration.


There’s nothing like spray adhesive and glitter to send Andrew into a full fledged panic.

To the furthest star and back!


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