Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette Review and Swatches

Hello Kara,



OOOooooOOOOlook so pretty.


I’m peeing myself just looking at the pictures of this thing, so you can imagine how complicated it is when I go to use it or look at it in real life.

It has the same signature sweet scent of the original Chocolate Bar Palette, but this one is just so much better. I mean, LOOK AT IT.


Top Row (Primed w/ Too Faced Shadow Insurance btw): Licorice, Coconut Creme (which is that slightly darker spot next to the black one I’M SORRY I’M TRANSLUCENT), Nougat (!!! Falling over dead), Truffled, Hot Fudge


Second Row: Cocoa Chili (!! YAS), Pink Sugar, Puddin’, Blueberry Swirl, Peanut Butter (I will slather myself in this color), Frosting (ABSOLUTELY BEYOND STUNNING).


Third Row (All winners): Rum Raisin (hnng), Mousse, Caramel (THIS COLOR KILLS ME), Bon Bon (JESUSMARYJOSEPH AND THE CAMEL HOW IS THIS REAL), Butter Pecan (which is so reflective, it cannot be viewed properly on camera).

The real winners in this palette (and frankly in all of Too Faced palettes) are the shimmers. They are absolutely stunning, a dream to work with, everything you could want in a shimmer. If only their mattes held up. They’re kinda clumpy, patchy and a little difficult to work with but thEY WILL DO PIG THEY WILL DO. (PS if you want remarkable mattes, stick with Tarte and MakeupGeek. Whatever they sold to the devil to make their mattes, I’m for it.)

The two odd balls in this palette are Pink Sugar, which I like, and Blueberry Swirl, which I don’t. I thought it was going to be a teal color, which would have been perfect with the warm golds, browns and coppers, but this weird blue and black pigment thing is just not my cuppa. I will never touch that shade beyond swatching it now.

My only other criticism is the packaging. The magnet that holds the palette together is VERY weak. It takes no effort to open it which means that it’s not going to be your most travel friendly palette (unless you travel like me and there’s no space to budge in your suitcase, let alone flop around), or, if you’re a klutz, you’re gonna accidentally open it when trying to pick it up and you could drop it and BAD. That would be bad.

Other than those small things, I’m absolutely in love with this thing. Nothing in the world will make me give it up. I can see myself using it for a LONG time.

BTW, it was only being sold to VIBs and VIB Rouges but now mortals can get it. You can purchase it here! (Not one of those links that give me money – I’m far too lazy to figure out how that works)

To the very furthest star and back,

5 thoughts on “Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette Review and Swatches

    • Yeah, it’s the type of palette that has to go in a very secure compartment in your suitcase haha! I tried to pick it up today and nearly dropped the thing. But the colors are so so pretty! How can I resist??? ❤

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