Quick Holiday Gift

I make cute little gifts for my co-workers at the office every year. I found this pin and started there! There’s lots of ideas and really fast projects over there if you’re behind. It is the 22nd of December!


You’ll need:

mason jars
your favorite red candies
santa ribbon
hot glue or double-sided tape



  1. Wash the jars if you’ll be using unwrapped candy
  2. Measure how much ribbon you’ll need to wrap around the jar and cut however many you need.
  3. Hot glue the ribbon to the jar. I put two dots of glue on each end. Try to line up the pattern on the ribbon with the center of the jar (mine were kind of square)
  4. Fill the jars with yummy candy!

I used peppermint Hershey kisses, red Twizzlers bites, Hot Tamales and holiday KitKats ♥ Merry Christmas!



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