Crochet Progress and a Surprise!

Hi Steffi it’s Monday after a 5 day weekend! After going back to work today, I want to crawl back into my couch bed and watch all the Lord of the Rings appendices forever. But, I have to write you a post. ALAS!

I’ve been crocheting for 3 years! I was curious to see how much better I’ve gotten at making stuff so I tried a pattern I did about 3 years ago. It was an owl pattern and I named my first one Seamus. He’s on the right.


I didn’t know what safety eyes were back then so I just used buttons. I didn’t understand how best to tie off ends and hide them so I just left them exposed, haha.


And I didn’t understand hook size with type of yarn so I had holes between stitches instead of tight stitches where the stuffing can’t show through. I also hadn’t learned how to start a project with the magic ring yet, so there’s a hole in the top of his head! The magic ring allows you to pull the yarn tight so there’s no hole where you start.

My stitches are a lot neater now and I have a better understanding of how you’re supposed to put different parts together. I think my new Seamus is cute, but I’ll always love my first one!

Pixlr_20141226194929830 (1)

For our readers: Surprise! When we reach 100 followers (say whaaaaat?!) I’m giving away a new Seamus! We’ll have more details later, but you’ll be able to choose the one in the photo or have me make one with your favorite colors! Steffi will also be giving something away, just us saying THANK YOU for following us 🙂

Also, if you’re curious I do have another blog at where I post crochet things 🙂

Happy crafting and I’ll see you on Wednesday!


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