DIY: Creating My 2015 Moleskin Planner/Moleskin Hack

Hello Karabean,

TOMORROW BEGINS MY BIRTHMONTH!!! Also, it’s the day where you and I gather around our Office Max/Staples bags and lift our new babies into the air : our 2015 planners!! The cherubs drop down, the spotlight shines in a neat triangle, there’s glitter and angels singing, etc, etc.

This year, I decided to go Moleskin because the brand I used to buy at Target IS NO MORE. And so, I asked my wonderful soon-to-be mother-in-law for two moleskin planners for Christmas. That’s right. Two. Because I’m nuts. And here’s my reasoning – WITH PICTURES.


All three of them, basking in the glory of organization.


This little guy is the Moleskin 2015 12 Month Monthly Notebook (Another post: Moleskin needs to name their planners better).


It’s so teeny! It only has these pages and lined notebook pages, which will be good for grocery lists, to-do lists when I’m on the go or traveling, and remembering blog posts (RIP December posts written on a napkin). I will be keeping this little thing in my purse AT ALL TIMES, even when I use a teeny purse.


Next is the Moleskin 2015 12 Month Weekly Planner/Diary Horizontal in large. This thing was almost a huge waste of money/let down. I thought that this had monthly pages to go with the daily pages, but it doesn’t beyond this really weird vertical monthly page in the front of the planner.


Excuse the weird yellowishness of this picture. I’ve decided, instead, to use this planner not as a planner but a dairy. LESHOCK. I’ve never kept a dairy for longer than five minutes so this should be a fun experiment. And the tinyish columns will make it so that I can only write down good things that happen to me. This is my good things diary. (This is more than slightly inspired by MissGlamorazi and the episode of Gilmore Girls where Lorelai says she’s going to make a news paper called the Good News Daily that only prints stuff about puppies and the lack of a civil war in Canada. THIS IS MY GOOD NEWS DAILY.)


This! THIS IS the big Kahuna. It’s a Moleskin Classic Notebook in large with squared paper. OooOh. AaaAahh. And I’ve decided to turn this thing into my dream planner.


My monthly page! Y’all are like, “why she pay so much to Progressive,” AND YOU KNOW WHAT. YOU KNOW WHAT. I don’t know why, man; they just hate me okay?



Which is followed by a bills breakdown for The Pants, financial goals (which accompany my excel spreadsheet, Kara. I know you tried to make fun of me before but OH NO), and monthly goals.


Which is THEN followed up by weekly and notes pages. I’m going to have a lot of room left over when I’m done with all of the months – so I’m going to have a space for my 101 in 1001 challenge, along with note pages, doodle pages, whatever I want really. I was thinking about putting a few Don’t Break the Chain pages in too.

I’m not done with it yet, but even though it’s taking me a while to complete, I’m having a lot of fun with it. I love that there are little mess ups and bumps along the way. I totally forgot to put a monthly notes page after June’s monthly calendar, so I just stuffed it in July’s. It’s adorable.

I hope you have an AWESOME New Years, and I will see you for realz this weekend.

To the furthest star and back,

PS. I will be discussing what I’m giving away when we reach 100 subscribers in next week’s post! INTRIGUE.


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