One Line A Day 2014

Happy Monday Steffi!

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The end of December marked a full year since I started filling out my five-year memory book. I’m shocked I filled out the entire year, honestly. Only 4 more to go!

I heard about this prahjekt from Lauren Fairweather last year when she was doing her review of her first year. You can watch that one below and her newest one HERE.

Here’s some of my highlights from 2014!

January 27: I ran a mile without stopping!
January 10: Drove to the Portofino Hotel and had a slumber party with Jeska, Ethan, Steffi and Andrew!
January 11: Disneyland! A day of spongebob quotes, no knees, hardcore parkour and DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN.
January 12: Had breakfast at Starbucks & Jax Donuts, shopped DTD and theorized a hunger games scenario based on trying to find parking spaces.
February 18: We got the keys to our house; we’re homeowners!
February 21: I ate 3 glazed donuts today. No regrets.
March 8: Crazy one day Disneyland trip for Kyle’s birthday! Drove 4am-9, stayed til close and immediately drove back home.
March 13: Used my sewing machine for the first time.
April 13: Chris showed us how to make sushi
June 5: Went to The Night Before Our Stars. Got to see John Green on the big screen!
June 7: Phoenix Comicon! Cosplayed for the first time as Asuna from SAO and it was a huge success!
June 14: Drove to Flagstaff and played a fun game of Werewolf with our friends.
June 30: Started a blog with my best friend! (8D)
August 17: Driving home from Disneyland: got a flat tire, drove through a dust storm, and then pouring rain. Welcome home!
August 27: We got tattoos!
Sept 29: Started K Hook Creations and got 70 instagram followers in one day!
October 6: Curse you JK Rowling and your agonizing anagrams!
November 8: My first time vending at Tucson Comicon. I cosplayed as Nurse Joy and it was so much fun!
November 15: Lazy Disneyland day with Steffi! Watched an amazing Aladdin, ate treats, and saw lots of Baymax. I also got scared by the canon at Hungry Bear.
November 22: Ran a Rugged Maniac
December 30: Got my haircut really short!
December 31: It snowed!!!

I made a point to mention all of my Disneyland trips: FOUR. Which is abysmal to your number, Steffi, but I’m proud! This is a really fun project and If you want to try it out there’s all kinds of books like this; you can find this one on amazon and lots of other online stores.

Still waiting for a brilliant closer,


2 thoughts on “One Line A Day 2014

  1. This is so cool! I just started Q&A: a 5 year journal, which has questions in it for every day. I found it hard to choose between that one and yours. It’s a very cool project! I enjoyed reading your highlights 🙂

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