Drag Makeup

Hello Kara, My soon to be sister-in-law is going to a very important drag show and she needed me to turn her into a man who looks like a woman. And I think I succeeded.

maggie1 This was my first time ever doing this kind of heavy contouring, so I’m very pleased with the outcome! maggie3For the contouring, I used these two products. I started by three-year-old crayoning Maggie’s face with the Nars Matte Multiple in Altai, which I then blended out by pummeling her with a Beauty Blender. I set that with the darkest shade in the Smashbox Contouring palette. It looked very weird in person, like I’d smeared mud on her face, but it looked really great in pictures! It was a lot of fun! And, yes, I’m considering this to be one of the makeup looks I’m supposed to do for my 101 challenge! To the furthest star and back, Bonus pic of her being silly but also DEM EYES. maggie2


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