Disney Pins and Punishments!

Hello Keddahbean,

This past weekend I went to Disneyland and I bought TOO many pins. But you know what? This was my birthday gift to me. Here are my pins!


My very favorites: CARL AND ELLIE!! They NEVER make anything with these two and they finally FINALLY did it! It’s only been years and the biggest piece of shit (Frozen) has like 100000000×10 pieces of merchandise but I’M NOT BITTER. Also, I called Andypants Carl for like 25% of our relationship /GOOBGLOBMUSH.

queenpinsMy queens! They have so many good villians in this range: like YZMA, which Andrew didn’t let me buy D=. But I had to get my queens.


I know you know what I’m freaking out about. ZURG ZURG ZURG.


This baby HAPPENED to come out on the day we were there and was sold out by like noon! I’m so pleased that I got it. The next one comes out on February 19th so I’m going to ask one of my lovely friends who works in the park to grab one for me.

That is it! Also, you have a punishment. Because yoooouuuu forgot to post on Monday. I didn’t know what a good punishment would be, so I asked Mr. Fredricksen. He said you need to beat Pikmin 3 and I think you need to post a video about it. You have precisely one month to complete this task or ELSE.

To the furthest star and back,


8 thoughts on “Disney Pins and Punishments!

  1. Jamie and Ian says:

    Sometimes I’m like “DAMN. You guys are so cool. I wish I was your friend…” but then I’m like, oh yeah, I AM! I sure know how to pick ’em! #sorryiforgotwewasfriendsforaminute

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