Stitch Fix #2!

Hi Steffi, happy beginning of the week! Normally that sounds depressing but it’s my birthweek! I know I said I’d do a Valentine’s related post, but then I remembered how much I despise the holiday that steals my birthday, so you get to see my very exciting stitch fix #2 post!

collage_20150209191802077My stylist, Courtney, outdid herself this time! I would’ve bought the whole box, but it wasn’t in my budget so I agonizingly decided what to keep. These are the 5 items I got in my box:

1. Bancroft Trisha clover charm necklace
2. Eight Sixty Clairemont back-zip blouse
3. Market & Spruce Aleah heathered v-neck dolman top
4. Honey Punch Layla striped elbow patch detail cardigan
5. Just Black Jimmy ankle length skinny jean

I didn’t get the jeans; they were pretty pricey at $88 and I already have jeans like them, though I really loved the fit. I’m wearing them in all of the following pics.


I also didn’t end up buying this adorable cardigan. It was all polyester and it felt lovely and the elbow patches were to die for, but it was just a little big for me.


I kept these two tops! I love them and they are exactly what I’m looking for in my fixes – fancy tops I can wear to work. The red one is suuuuper comfy, loose on top and fitted at the bottom so it stays in place. I wore it today with my skinny jeans, black boots, and the necklace and I felt adorable! The black one has a cute zipper halfway down the back and it looks a little ridiculous without the black cardigan I added, but it’s really cute with it!


I obvs had to have this necklace because it has my name on it. Not to mention it’s adorable, light, pairs perfect with the tops, and I have nothing like it in my wardrobe.

These are more expensive then I’d normally consider when I’m out shopping, but since I only get a stitch fix every other month and this is way more convenient, the price is really reasonable for the quality and fun!

If you want to try Stitch Fix, check it out here!

And if you missed my review of my first stitch fix, go here!

P.S. I’m ridiculously nervous about my punishment! It’s definitely causing me stress. Curse you Andrew, Nintendo, and Hank!

One thought on “Stitch Fix #2!

  1. I love that necklace! The red top you kept looks a lot like the navy one I got this month, and I can’t wait to wear it. So cute! I enjoyed reading your review.

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