Hi Keddah,

I had a ton of things I wanted to post this week and I just couldn’t find the time to take pictures for things, so I’m just going to update you on wedding stuff/life stuff.

1. I will be trying on wedding gowns/bridesmaids gowns at Strut Salon in Tempe on Feb. 21st and I’m very excited for that. Strut is a plus size bridal shop and I’m so pleased I found them as I thought I was going to have to go the custom made route. I’m not 100 percent sure if I’m going to do my original idea of a rose/cream dress because I’m wary of my ability to keep it clean in the park. We shall see (and I will see you there!)

2. I moved back my date for my engagement shoot in hopes that the castle construction will be finished. I’ve read reports that it will be up in spring so I’ve pushed back the date to April 2nd from March 5th. The shoot, if you’re wondering, will center around Main Street, USA (born and bred!).

3. I bought my skirt for the engagement shoot! It looks like this:

Ikebana for All Skirt in Floral

I plan on pairing that with a jean button up, and this necklace:

Factor in Fanciness Necklace

I’m at a loss on shoes though. I have nothing bright or cute to wear with that so I’m on the hunt for those, plus a few bits and bobs to wear for jewelry (which I hope to find some in my mom’s closet).

4. I’m no longer employed at Sephora, which both absolutely breaks my heart and fills me with a very big sense of relief. I’ve adored working there, absolutely loved it, but right around January/February, my schedule starts making it harder to work an extra job. Hopefully, I will apply again for Holiday and they will let me work there even though I’m getting married and won’t be able to work much.

5. Andrew and I booked a mini-honeymoon to Disney World/Harry Potter Land! We are departing the Monday after our wedding and coming home that Friday, so it’s a quickie little trip, but we will finally see the Wizarding World together and Disney World (I’ve been to both of course, but Andrew’s never been so this will be very exciting!).

6. Is it crazy that I feel slightly claustrophobic when I think about making wedding plans? And my wedding is going to be so easy! I can’t even imagine the full fledged panic you must have been going through. I don’t envy you one bit my friend, but I can only hope my “wedding” (if you can even call it that) will be a quarter as beautiful as yours.

To the furthest star and back,

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