Harry Potter Book Collection


I got the new set of Harry Potter books with cover illustrations by Kazu Kibuishi for my birthday!!!!1!! I wanted to show you how glorious they are and show you the rest of my collection!


I love these covers so much, Diagon Alley has to be my favorite. They are all paperback and they have a nice waxy feel to them. The spines all together create artwork of Hogwarts and look at the back covers! They illustrate Harry turned away from you, facing an important part of the story and feature a tear-jerking quote. I can’t deal!


Here’s the rest of my collection, in order by book. I have found most of these in used book stores and the children’s section is the first place I run to any time I visit one. I’m usually found making a pile of any versions I don’t have and frantically flipping through the pages of every copy of GoF they have.

Sorcerer’s Stone

This is my very first book. It belonged to my brother and he begged me to read it multiple times before I finally gave in and opened it to read the first line, “Mr. and Mrs. Dursley of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.” I had claimed I could already tell what it was about and that the boy on the cover was Harry Potter and he was about to catch the Sorcerer’s Stone. He told me I was wrong and I only opened it to prove that I would be bored within the first chapter. Except I wasn’t, and I haven’t been able to stop reading it since. I was twelve.


These are my other copies of Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone. Front left is a paperback American version and the front right is the children’s British version. The back left is the 10th anniversary edition and the last one is leather-embossed hard cover with gold-edged pages.


The 10th anniversary edition is my absolute favorite copy of any of my books. It has gold embossed harry potter stars all over the cover, a glossy colored print of Hagrid leading the first-years to the castle, and a drawing of Snape by Jo. ASJKJGPFFF

084 085 086

The other special edition copy I have has a drawing of Harry by Jo. Look at Dudders piggy face!


Chamber of Secrets

My three copies are a worn and loved paperback to match my first book, a hard cover that came as part of the boxed set of 1-4, and a special edition that matches my sorcerer’s stone with embossing and golden pages.


Prisoner of Azkaban

A children’s British version, a paperback and a hard cover that is part of the set of 1-4.


Goblet of Fire

My worn hard copy from my first set of 1-4 and an extremely sunburned children’s British copy. Both versions feature Lily coming out of Voldemort’s wand first. I’m constantly looking for an earlier version that has James first.



Order of the Phoenix

Look at the size of that paperback! It’s an adult British version, and then my first copy of OotP when it was released on June 21, 2003 and a special boxed edition.


The outer box and inside covers feature the original artwork and the book itself is black on black textured diamonds. The jacket has an awesome picture of Grimmauld Place.

095 096

Half-Blood Prince

Children’s British copy, my original copy from the midnight release on July 16, 2005 with half the book having tear-stricken pages, an extra hard cover, and a special edition that matches the boxed edition of book 5.


The box and jacket of this version feature illustrations of the Gaunt house and the inside covers have the original artwork. This book is also black with textured diamonds. OOOOHH, AHHHH.

098 099100

There’s also a glossy colored picture and an entire illustration gallery in the back which features the extra large chapter art with a quote from that chapter. SAY WHAT.

102 103

Deathly Hallows

My copy from the midnight release on July 21, 2007 that I held with a vice grip as I ran out of Barnes & Noble crying with anticipation, hard cover and paperback adult British versions.


Bonus Books

I was really obsessed with theories during the long wait between books 4 and 5. Do you even remember the @plottables LiveJournal?

105 106

My copy of Beedle the Bard is the UK version and is way cooler than the US version.

107 108 109

PSA – plaintartsss is changing the posting schedule! From now on, Kara will be posting on TUESDAYS and Steffi will post on FRIDAYS.

6 thoughts on “Harry Potter Book Collection

  1. Jessica says:

    I’m so jealous. So incredible jealous. I’m pretty sure my skin is green right now Ahhh!! I feel the need to ALWAYS look for Harry Potter books now. Thank you. Gahdbkdnsgakdk <—language of jealousy!

  2. Hazel Vice says:

    What an amazing collection! I’m in absolute awe. I only have one copy of each book, though they are looking a bit worse for wear. I used to reread Philosopher’s Stone twice a week when it first came out. That copy’s still hanging on for dear life (I put clear contact over the cover so it would last longer).

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