Josie Maran Model Citizen Argan Cleansing Oil Review

Hello Kara,

I’m going to talk to you today about a really bad, extraordinarily bad, are you even kidding me how is this a thing bad product.

I’m talking about Josie Mara’s Model Citizen Argan Cleansing Oil.

I bought this during Sephora’s after holiday’s sale and I can see why it went on sale. This product makes me mad it’s so bad.

First, it’s GOOPY. It’s the thickest, stickiest cleansing oil I’ve ever used. They tell you to massage it to warm it up and add water to thin it out, but this stuff doesn’t thin out and turn milky like most cleansing oils do. It just sticks to your eyes and face and I ALWAYS have to use a cleanser to remove it all. And that’s a big fat pain in the ass.

Also, I’ve saved the worst for last, SOMEHOW. SOME.HOW this product, without fail, gets it’s nasty, sickly floral scent IN MY MOUTH. This does not happen with any other product I put on or around my face. And it is the worst thing on the planet.

If you’re going to get yourself a cleansing oil, please do not buy this one. MAC’s is like fifty katrillion times better.

Steffi out.

And yes, I’ve made myself very mad writing this post.

One thought on “Josie Maran Model Citizen Argan Cleansing Oil Review

  1. SASS-A-FR-ASS says:

    Hello fellow geeks!! 💗
    I have nominated you for an Award on SASS-A-FR-ASS as you are well deserving of it.
    Don’t feel obliged to accept it though..

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