Makeup Haul & Other Things

Hi Steffi this post comes to you in 3 parts.

Part 1: Makeup haul!Pixlr_20150326172306118

Ulta BB Cream – I was running out of my Almay BB cream so I thought I’d try a new one. I go really cheap with these since I use them when I don’t feel like wearing foundation, which is a lot. It’s a little orange-y for my skin tone but it goes on mostly sheer. The illuminating shade really makes my face “dewy”!

Too Faced Freebies – This is what pushed me to finally buy the palette I’d been eyeing for weeks. The sample of shadow insurance you gave me has long since dried up so I was excited to get a small tube of it. The Better Than Sex mascara is alright, just another mini mascara I can add to my bag. I told you I never buy mascara right? This is why. The eyeliner is really nice, it’s like a pencil except it’s waxy and goes on really smooth. I just hate that it’s waterproof because I’m lazy when it comes to taking off my makeup and this shit stays on.

It Cosmetics Freebies – Their waterproof gel eyeliner is even smoother than Too Faced and it stays on even harder. I can’t deal. It’s also really easy to eff up a smooth line because it’s not sharp enough. You should’ve just seen my eye. The brow power is awesome though! A brush on one end and an oval-shaped pencil on the other that spins up, you don’t need to sharpen it. Oh BTW, I fill in my brows now ;). The tightliner is interesting, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s nice for a quick 2-in-1 tightline and mascara, but I ended up putting real mascara over it.

Eyebrow pencil – I only bought this so I could get free shipping. It’s pretty nice though.

Too Faced Natural Eyes Collection – The big splurge! I’m really glad I went with this palette. I’m in love with all of the colors except the right side, I just don’t like dark shades. I think it was Honey Pot that was the deciding factor between this and the all matte palette. I’m in love! ❤Pixlr_20150326172357731

Part 2: 101 in 1001 update

Progress: 40/101 complete, 510 days left
26. Buy groceries with only reusable bags for a month
53. Leave a Nerdfighter note in a John Green book

60. Rewatch LOST

Part 3: Punishments

You were especially bad last week, not posting on Friday and then teasing me saying you’d post over the weekend. This calls for an especially bad punishment. I am sorry, but I am not sorry. You must ride the teacups this weekend in Disneyland with Andrew. He’s going to spin you at an acceptable speed and you are going to instavideo yourself telling me how much you love me. This will be EXCELLENT. Did you just say excellent because I said excellent?

Coming Out of Hibernation – 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Hi Steffiiiiiiiiililili.

I haven’t worked out in 4 months! I took a hibernation break or something. Don’t judge me. Three things happened to me recently that I’m realizing now were slaps in the face to wake me up.

Thing #1.
wpid-20150221_165413.jpgGrayson got my yoga room all ready. I kept saying I couldn’t do yoga without a hard floor and I didn’t feel like going to class. Well now I have no excuse.

Thing #2.
I found my favorite yoga pants. I thought I lost them! Last time I was missing clothing it was mingled in with Grayson’s stuff, but I couldn’t find them anywhere. Well I guess I hadn’t looked in my work out clothes drawer because they were RIGHT THERE.

Thing #3.
kristin-feature-image-free-733x440px-406x244 sent me an email about a 30-day yoga challenge starting on April 1st. It’s for beginners, but it should be good for me since I’m all rusty and not flexible. Putchoyogapantson and do it with me! It’s free and you can do it at home and it looks like they will only be about 30 minutes. I’ve done a few classes and another challenge on this website before; I signed up for a lifetime membership when they first launched. I’m going to try to keep up on my profile over there so I can track my progress. Also, I have no friends over there -_- wahhh.

How are you coming out of hibernation this spring?


Daily “Makeup” Routine

Hi Kara,

I started really getting into makeup right around the time you and I did the Disney College Program. That was when I started buying more expensive makeup and getting an interest into it beyond tinted moisturizer and mascara. From that point on, I never really felt comfortable leaving my house or seeing people without a “full face of makeup.” Now, my idea of a “full face” has never been full coverage makeup – but since, let’s say, 2010 I’ve sported a light/medium “full face” of makeup every single day (by that I mean the works: foundation, powder, blush, eye makeup, etc).

Not. Any. More.

Ever since I started getting acne, I started wearing less and less makeup. I guess I knew that although my acne was not caused by my makeup – that adding product on top certainly wasn’t going to make the problem any better. I can now say that, not only am I comfortable wearing little to no makeup, but that I feel most like myself with less. (Now, girl, do not get me wrong. If a camera is there then my makeup is going to be ON. POINT. Believe.)

So, without further ado, here is my everyday makeup routine!

before and after

First picture: Dear sweet lord baby jesus you have to be freaking kidding me acne cream, and moisturizer.

Second picture: corrective eye cream, under eye concealer, mascara and lipgloss.

Here are the products I use:


First three are skin care, and the last three are makeup. Easy peasy! Hope you enjoyed!

To the furthest star and back,


Hello Little Steffi,

First thing’s first: Stop going by weird versions of your name. Everyone calls you Steffi so stop writing Stefani, Stefany, and whatever other weird ass spellings you used. I know that there are nineteen hundred Stephanie’s in your year – but once you get out of high school – the name isn’t as common. Besides, you can just go by Steffi. It’s adorable – like you – so give in. You’re going to eventually.

I want to tell you to stop caring about boys, but you liked a new guy every other second so I won’t even bother. And guess what? One day you’re going to realize that girls are hot too. It’s a struggle.

Now that we have the more ridiculous things out of the way: on to the serious stuff!

Be a better student. You read a book a day; it’s not going to kill you to do your reading for school. Stop being a Hipster (you don’t know what this means yet – but you are one and it’s NOT COOL). Get nerdy and do your reading and participate in stuff outside of choir. Not everyone in your school sucks. (Granted – a lot of them did suck – you only stayed close friends with one of them. And you won’t kick yourself in the pants about being a terrible student until after college when you realize how cushy and wonderful student life is – so this is falling on deaf ears – whatever. You know what? You do you, little me.)

Start appreciating things more. Especially your parent’s hard work and the business that gave you so much. You’re such a lucky person – I wish you’d show some appreciation every now and then. I know that you’ve been told that you can’t be a moody, gross teenager because you’ve lived a very privileged life – but they’re wrong. You be a moody, gross teenager AND marvel at the life you were given. Those feelings are not mutually exclusive.

This is something you’re really not going to want to hear but – start imagining your mom more complexly. You’re setting up a foundation to have a bad relationship with her and that’s sad. She’s rad as hell. And, yes, it’s not all our fault and, yes, she doesn’t understand you sometimes, but you don’t take the time to understand her. God, you’re a pain in the ass sometimes – mom was right.

Oh, and keep devouring books. Don’t ever stop. This is the coolest fucking thing you do. Don’t ever let your love of books go; they really are the precious, wonderful things. Keep that love alive forever.

But, if you could just do one thing for me, that would be awesome. Read Harry Potter earlier (Dani was right) and don’t ever read Twilight. You’re going to be really embarrassed that you liked it one day.

Most importantly, though, don’t forget to be awesome.


It was Steffi’s idea to have us join in the #DearMe project this week. So this is going to be a letter to my teenage self.

Hi. I’m going to give you some advice. You may try to ignore it, but I’m from the future so listen up!

Good for you for being a nerd and proud of it. You’re twirling flags in high school and you love it and you think it’s really awesome and anyone who doesn’t think it’s cool doesn’t matter. You love that you love Harry Potter and even if all your friends stop liking it, you continue to obsess. You honestly think that not being nerdy is lame. Good for you!

I would like to remind you that those ideas that you have about what you want to do, like working on movies and art, are really good! I don’t even think the words, “You only think you’ll like it because you like watching the Lord of the Rings appendices and you won’t be working on stuff like that” were ever said to you. You’ve made them up because that’s what you think people will say. Maybe they will, but who cares, you can do it anyway. Pursue the things you are interested in! Stop thinking that you have to have a fancy, official job. You are allowed to have a fun job and you are allowed to try. Don’t be scared of taking a path that isn’t quite clear. The clear paths to “successful” jobs will get more difficult if you aren’t fully passionate about them and trust me, you can’t get by just by studying. Still go to NAU though, or you won’t meet your loving husband.

I would also like to remind you that you don’t have to agree with everything people tell you. Not everyone has to like you and if you have a different opinion, it’s ok to say so. If they don’t like it and they don’t want to be your friend because of it, it’s probably best you don’t have them as a friend. You can also stop thinking so much about what other people think about what you wear, your hair, who you hang out with and your myspace page. Care about what YOU like and focus on that. Everyone else and what they are doing will disappear and you’ll be so happy because you’ve surrounded yourself with people and things you love.

A last thought, you might want to look into a few things. Like conventions. Nerdy people like you gather and meet each other year after year to cry about Harry Potter and such. You’ll make so many friends from places you’d never go and you’d realize you’re not the only one. Yes, there are others like you! You might even realize that people can be nerds forever and make a job out of it.

Keep being weird and awesome, keep your sense of adventure, keep staying true to who you are!

-Your 26-year-old self

Bridal Makeup

Hello Kara,

My beautiful friend Danielle is getting married next weekend! I have the pleasure of doing her makeup for the wedding and here is what her trial makeup looked like.


Isn’t she gorgeous?

Here is a product list in case anyone is interested:

  • Skin
    • Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
    • Foundation: A mixture of Belletto Studio airbrush foundations in Roasted Almond, Bisque, and Creme De La
    • Powder contour, highlight and blush: Nars Virtual Domination palette
    • Setting powder: Airspun
  • Eyes:
    • Two Faced Shadow Insurance
    • Butter Pecan and Bonbon from the Semi Sweet Chocolate palette, Inglot Freedom Shadow in 609 and Rainbow Shadow in 101R
    • Bronze liner from Tarte
    • MAC’s waterproof mascara (I don’t remember which one!)
    • Ardel lashes in (I can’t remember this either)
  • Eyebrows:
    • Inglot Rainbow Shadow in 107R and Benefit Gimme Brow
  • Lips:
    • Sephora brand Nano Lipliners in Queen Quartz and Funky Fuchsia
    • Lush lipbalm in Whip Stick


We’re going to darken up her eye area just a little on the big day, but other than that she is perfect! Thank you for letting me touch your face, Danielle! It was the best! I can’t wait for next weekend =)

To the furthest star and back,

Less Is So Much More

Hi Steffi, this post comes to you in three parts. And will probably make you think I’ve gone slightly overboard.

Part 1: LIFE IS BETTER WITH LESS STUFF.  I’m on a constant mission to make our life less cluttered. I hate when every possible surface is covered in stuff. We have too much. I watched missglamorazzi’s living with less video and although I already try to do this occasionally, it inspired me to really want to go through the whole house. The less I have the easier it is to clean, relax, and focus on the important things. If something isn’t directly causing us happiness, there’s really no reason to have it. This also means we have to stop getting stuff. Grayson and I are very lucky to have what we have. But owning a house doesn’t mean we need to fill it with everything! I want to be more conscious of what we bring home because if it doesn’t have a place, its place becomes the kitchen counter. And I HATE when things are on the kitchen counter.

Part 2: THE PLAN. I went through my closet last week and filled a bag of clothes for donation. I should have had before pictures, I mean really. Anyway, I’m going to make my way around the house making donate piles, throw away, and reorganize piles. It helps to tackle just one area at a time or you’ll get exhausted real fast. I like to ask myself when I’m deciding on keeping something, “Does this make me happy?” It’s pretty easy to get rid of things after that. I’ll be instagraming all the stuff I’m getting rid of so you can see the mountain of excess stuff we have. Part of this process does include us getting a few more things, but they are things that will make us happy and add value to our lives. Like getting a full size bed for our spare bedroom so our friends and family can visit us and not have to sleep on a futon ;). I have to make room for the bed first, but you see how this will work. Getting rid of the excess so we can be happier with less and add things of value.

Part 3: PUNISHMENTS. As you saw last night on instagram, I am torturing myself by attempting to beat the evil gold blob boss on Pikmin 3. I’ve killed about 200 pikmin so far and have already spent 5 days. Grayson was pretty amused by my constant gasps, screams, and whining. I’ll play it every night this week until I beat it! You truly are the worst.