Hello Little Steffi,

First thing’s first: Stop going by weird versions of your name. Everyone calls you Steffi so stop writing Stefani, Stefany, and whatever other weird ass spellings you used. I know that there are nineteen hundred Stephanie’s in your year – but once you get out of high school – the name isn’t as common. Besides, you can just go by Steffi. It’s adorable – like you – so give in. You’re going to eventually.

I want to tell you to stop caring about boys, but you liked a new guy every other second so I won’t even bother. And guess what? One day you’re going to realize that girls are hot too. It’s a struggle.

Now that we have the more ridiculous things out of the way: on to the serious stuff!

Be a better student. You read a book a day; it’s not going to kill you to do your reading for school. Stop being a Hipster (you don’t know what this means yet – but you are one and it’s NOT COOL). Get nerdy and do your reading and participate in stuff outside of choir. Not everyone in your school sucks. (Granted – a lot of them did suck – you only stayed close friends with one of them. And you won’t kick yourself in the pants about being a terrible student until after college when you realize how cushy and wonderful student life is – so this is falling on deaf ears – whatever. You know what? You do you, little me.)

Start appreciating things more. Especially your parent’s hard work and the business that gave you so much. You’re such a lucky person – I wish you’d show some appreciation every now and then. I know that you’ve been told that you can’t be a moody, gross teenager because you’ve lived a very privileged life – but they’re wrong. You be a moody, gross teenager AND marvel at the life you were given. Those feelings are not mutually exclusive.

This is something you’re really not going to want to hear but – start imagining your mom more complexly. You’re setting up a foundation to have a bad relationship with her and that’s sad. She’s rad as hell. And, yes, it’s not all our fault and, yes, she doesn’t understand you sometimes, but you don’t take the time to understand her. God, you’re a pain in the ass sometimes – mom was right.

Oh, and keep devouring books. Don’t ever stop. This is the coolest fucking thing you do. Don’t ever let your love of books go; they really are the precious, wonderful things. Keep that love alive forever.

But, if you could just do one thing for me, that would be awesome. Read Harry Potter earlier (Dani was right) and don’t ever read Twilight. You’re going to be really embarrassed that you liked it one day.

Most importantly, though, don’t forget to be awesome.


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