Daily “Makeup” Routine

Hi Kara,

I started really getting into makeup right around the time you and I did the Disney College Program. That was when I started buying more expensive makeup and getting an interest into it beyond tinted moisturizer and mascara. From that point on, I never really felt comfortable leaving my house or seeing people without a “full face of makeup.” Now, my idea of a “full face” has never been full coverage makeup – but since, let’s say, 2010 I’ve sported a light/medium “full face” of makeup every single day (by that I mean the works: foundation, powder, blush, eye makeup, etc).

Not. Any. More.

Ever since I started getting acne, I started wearing less and less makeup. I guess I knew that although my acne was not caused by my makeup – that adding product on top certainly wasn’t going to make the problem any better. I can now say that, not only am I comfortable wearing little to no makeup, but that I feel most like myself with less. (Now, girl, do not get me wrong. If a camera is there then my makeup is going to be ON. POINT. Believe.)

So, without further ado, here is my everyday makeup routine!

before and after

First picture: Dear sweet lord baby jesus you have to be freaking kidding me acne cream, and moisturizer.

Second picture: corrective eye cream, under eye concealer, mascara and lipgloss.

Here are the products I use:


First three are skin care, and the last three are makeup. Easy peasy! Hope you enjoyed!

To the furthest star and back,


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