Travel Anxiety & Motion Sickness

Hello Keddah,

I just got done watching Ingrid’s new video, Working Through Travel Anxiety (you can click that <= and see the video; HYPERLINKS R COOL), and it inspired me to talk about my version of travel anxiety and how I deal with it.

First, let me explain. Since birth I have been traveling (that’s slightly a lie, unless you count my trip home from the hospital, but my first real trip was from Yuma to Tucson and I was a blooming two weeks old). And since birth, I have experienced crippling motion sickness.

When I was younger, I would get into an airplane, the airplane would ascend, and I would immediately be overcome with motion sickness. I would lose the small amount of color I have to my skin, I would fever, and I would barf. On. Everything. My mom, eventually, would have to buy multiple seats on long plane rides so that I could lay down and be iced. This same scenario happened in the car, although she never had to buy me extra seats. I’ve never found out what caused this or why, as I’ve aged, it’s gotten better. Although my motion sickness has lessened significantly, I still struggle with flying (and even some car rides).

So here’s what I do to make my trips a little easier!

1) I cannot recommend this to anyone, because it’s not exactly healthy, but I don’t eat or sleep before my trip. I know this sounds severe, but not sleeping before allows me to sleep on the plane and not eating a meal or two before departure insures me that there won’t be any vomiting onboard (or if there is, it won’t be much). I don’t eat anything onboard either. If I’m starving, I can chance salty pretzels, but ice is pretty much all I can handle. I also can’t get up to pee, because moving is the worst, so not drinking is kind of my only option. Make sure you have a food plan once you land though. If you’re visiting family, make sure they know to take you to food right away. And bring a water bottle so you can hydrate once you land. (Side note about peeing. When my family and I went to England, I went over 12 hours without peeing [I’m VERY serious about not peeing on planes]. I felt kinda like a god and that was probably due to dehydration and minor starvation. Carry on.)

2) Dress extra cozy and bring comforting blankets/pillows to help you sleep. I never go on a plane without wearing at least a sweater, leggings, socks and comfy shoes. I will also not enter a plane without a sizable blanket (I bring a throw blanket, one that covers me completely) and a neck pillow. I may look like an idiot boarding, but my comfort is most important. Plus, you can use your blanket (which smells like home) to block the smell of airplane/jet fuel as you’re boarding. (Side note: driving by an airport can trigger my motion sickness, just because of the smell alone. Gross.)

3) If you’re traveling alone, try to get a window seat. The ability to lean your head against something or someone is a god send. If you know you have a middle seat, use a scarf and your neck pillow to create a no-moving zone for your head.

4) Make sure, before the flight departs, that you have everything that you may need nearby. I make sure that my phone and ear phones are in the seat pocket, along with a barf bag (just in case). Sometimes I bring a small bag of pretzels, and I’ll put those there too. Everything else goes at my feet (because I’m short and there’s room).

5) Sleep. Make sure you have an audio book of a book you’ve read before, with a soothing narrator. Or a couple of movie soundtracks that you can put on repeat. If you can read a book, go ahead, but books and video games always make me sicker.

6) Try not to talk to anyone. Most people aren’t chatty on airplanes, and you’re not going to look like you want to talk. Talking to other people just makes me more and more anxious (because I’ve barfed on people when I’ve tried to pretend that I could do traveling like normal people) so don’t be afraid to make yourself a little unapproachable. Other people may not understand what’s going on, and that’s okay. Just focus on sleep and getting through.

7) Real life: In case you vomit and the pressure of vomiting makes you pee, make sure you bring a whole change of clothes – not just a shirt and jeans. Undies, socks, everything. And make sure you have a trash bag or something in your carry on too so you don’t get your other things dirty. If you forgot to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste on board, don’t be afraid to ask a sturdiest for them (or cranberry juice to flush the taste out of your mouth).

8) If you go to the airport with makeup on (which I usually don’t), bring stuff to take off your makeup and put on a moisturizing mask. This pre-trip ritual has become so comforting for me and really helps me with my nerves.

Fun fact: they can land the plane with a child that has snuck into the first class bathroom because she projectile vomited on the cute guy in front of her who was totally understanding. They also won’t make you come out until everyone else has left the plane. People can be nice.

I hope this helped my fellow aviation projectile vomiters out there!

Also, writing this has made me crave some Maui Chips. There must be a reason behind that somewhere.

To the furthest star and back,

May Etsy Faves

Steffi! Sorry about not posting yesterday. PRE-CON MADNESS! But, as agreed, if I posted today I get a mini punishment so be gentle 😉

Legend of Zelda Heart Container by Chinook Crafts
Legend of Zelda Heart Container

Bumblin’ Kiwis Pillow by EmSeeItch
Bumblin' Kiwis Patterned Cushion Cover 45x45cm

Katamari Plushies by whitefrosty
MADE TO ORDER - Katamari Mini Plush - Custom Cousin

Liquid Phone Case by marliy20
iphone 6 Case iphone 5 case iphone 4 case iPhone 6 plus case iphone 5s case covers iphone6 case iphone5 case Quicksand iphone case Samsung

Galaxy Space Bracelet by jerseymaids
Galaxy Space Bracelet -  Universe Jewelry - Petite Solar System Planet and Nebula Bracelet - Space Jewelry, Bridesmaid Gift

Random Thoughts

Hi Kara,

I didn’t really have anything specific to post about so I’m going to post random stuff.

1) On a scale of 1-10, how mad would you be if Andrew and I came to Tucson this weekend? Like, I know you have 100 crochet projects to do, but I’m just saying. Let me know. I can cancel plans. (I’m almost being serious)

2) Our new apartment is very dark. Like, uncomfortably dark. We’ve switched out a fan in our bedroom for a fan with a light, and that’s helped. We’re going to do the same thing in the living room, but it’s still so dark. And it could be that I’m coming from an apartment that was flooded with light every second of every day, but this darkness is affecting my mood. SO. I wanna buy things. Bright things. Happy things. The first thing is this:

Vida Reversible Cotton 3-Piece Quilt Set


I am having a fucking moment. I also want to get a floral piece of art for the bedroom too, with a lot of yellows and blues. I will also be painting our house as soon as I flipping can. Light feather grey? Yes. I’m not ready to do an apartment tour yet, because so much still needs to be done. But soon!


4) I’ve updated my 101 in 1001 list. The things I’ve completed so far are:

1) Go to Mickey’s Halloween Party 2) Visit Tucson for a weekend 3) Visit a Museum 4) Wear tank tops for a week in the summer 5) Wear a sleeveless dress out and about 6) Learn how to exercise for me and not for skinny benefits 7) Be reunited in Disneyland with Kara 8) Kiss Donald Duck 9) Do a makeup purge 10) Go to Maryann’s and not leave something 11) Play a table top game 12) Marathon a new show 13) Watch a show that Andrew likes 14) Take engagement photos 15) Get another tattoo 16) Buy a Jo Malone perfume 17) VIP Rouge 18) Ulta Platinum 19) Do a puzzle 20) Bake a pie 21) Complete a DIY project 22) Get a raise

If you wanna see pictures and even links to our engagement session, click the link here!

Alright, I’m done. No more brains.

Sending love!

Japanese Harry Potter Books!!!

Hi Steffi, So my husband is the absolute best and got me the most perfect present for our 2 year anniversary. He got me a complete set of Japanese Harry Potter Books!! My collection just leveled up!


Books 4-7 were split into two books each and each got their own cover art.

010 012

I can’t wait to inspect every inch of them. I’ve looked through a few of them and found there’s chapter art! These are a couple of my favorites:

003 005 006

The chapters are listed in English at the top of the page, but everything else is in Kanji. It’s interesting to see how they translate what I assume is yelling or newspaper text; some of the text I came across was bolded and in a bigger font size with teeny tiny font next to it. I really want to learn Japanese!

002 004

I even found some inserts in a couple of the books. One of them looks like an advertisement for the rest of the series, another looks like a visual guide to better explain things that probably don’t translate well? There’s drawings of Quidditch and gnome tossing and Dobby with a sock.

007 009 008

It’s safe to assume that gifting me Harry Potter books will always make me extremely happy 😀

Diorskin Nude Air Serum Review

Hello Keddah,

First, this was a very naughty purchase. Remember when I said I was going to try to have a cruelty free makeup routine? Well, that would be a lot easier if 1) I had any semblance of willpower and 2) this foundation didn’t exist.

Let’s transition into the dream I had last night (which, bless its heart, woke me up at 4:30 IN THE GODDAMN MORNING). I’m living in my parents old house, my dad is hounding me about something stupid and I’m telling him to fuck off. Why? Because my new foundation is causing huge blackheads to erupt all over my face. The first one that I extract is in this really cool geometric pattern made out of a bunch of little round bits, and the second one becomes multiple tapeworms/snakes that are EATING EACH OTHER. Don’t even BEGIN to look up what this dream might mean. I don’t want to know. But clearly, I’m feeling the guilt.

Okay, now for the review.

First: Packaging.

Diorskin Nude Air Serum

Diorskin Nude Air Serum

The packaging is obviously stunning; however, I don’t find it very practical/to my taste. This is a foundation that requires shaking, so the way to remove product isn’t very practical. The lid/top of the bottle area becomes covered in excess foundation and you’re always going to be at higher risk of contaminating your products when you have to expose them. I feel that the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation bottle would have been much more practical, if not as beautiful. But this shit is gonna look gorg on your vanity, so who am I to complain?

Second: The finish.

PSST: no editing was done to this picture!

PSST: no editing was done to this picture!

This is possibly the most stunning foundation I’ve ever used. It’s a very thin, watery formula, matches my skin perfectly, and quite literally makes me look angelic. I’m amazed by the coverage (sheer to medium) and I love that I can apply it with my fingers. It lasts all day, with minimum touch-ups needed, and keeps my face at a nice satin finish (more matte in the morning because I set it with a powder and a satin by the end of the day). If you didn’t set this foundation with a powder, it would be the perfect glowy look, but I imagine you may need a powder touch-up/blot by midday.

I want to shout my love of this foundation from the top of the roof. I don’t want any other foundation ever; if woman could marry foundations, I would consider polygamy.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Grayson, I’m really sad that Andrew wouldn’t write you a post back cuz it could have been mancrush week here on PT. D=

Guest Post – Multirotor Mania

MAAANDREW! I am writing you this week because Kara is in need of a little rest from all of the craziness of getting ready for Phoenix Comic-Con.
As you know you got me into this amazing hobby of flying little helicopters/quadcopters/multirotors, this list goes on and on, and we both dreamed of having our own amazing, big, fast, cool ones since we started. Well I am here to tell you that I pulled the trigger and bought an almost-ready-to fly kit.

quad bros

That is pretty much what comes in the kit, shout out to for their awesome kit. It really does look like this out of the box with maybe some different colors for straps or something. I highly recommend this kit. It comes with everything you need except your tx/rx and batteries. You will need some tools but really a soldering iron/gun and a hex set will be all you need.

Now I am not going to tell you how to build it, because honestly it’s relatively easy. I will show you before and after of my build tho. 20150504_140022[1] 20150506_191701[1]

There is a piece that goes over the top of everything and protects it but I thought being able to see the innards would be cooler. I have destroyed my hand trying to figure out the issues with wiring and getting the damned thing armed, I have broken about half of the props that I bought (somewhere in the 8-10 range, so far), I have burned out a motor (I blame factory defects), crashed a half dozen times(twice into trees, in AZ, I know), but I honestly have not had this much fin putting something together and then using it. I implore you oh best of friends, as soon as you can, buy one of these.
Then I can crash mine into yours.

Until you and your soon to be bride come visit us I will continue to enjoy this beast of a copter myself.

Story of Seasons Friday?

Hey Kara!

Unplanned game review week? This blog is hashtag nailing it. Although Story of Seasons Friday isn’t nearly is awesome as Tsum Tsum Tuesday; you know how much I love alliteration.

story of seasons

Andrew bought me a new game a few weeks ago called Story of Season. It’s by the same people who make the Harvest Moon games but something happened where they couldn’t call it Harvest Moon? I don’t even know. Anyways, it looks, sounds, acts, squacks just like a regular Harvest Moon game. I know that if you played any of their other games and liked it, you would like this one too.

So far I have a house, a farm, a rented plot of land to farm on (again, I don’t even know), a cow (which was named by the game), a horse (named Nevile), and three chickens (Parm, Chicky, and Nugget).

I’m only in Summer Year 1 (you start in Spring), but I can say with certainty that if another Animal Crossing game came out, I wouldn’t give this game a second thought. It’s complicated, like the other Harvest Moons. You start out at a “you’re clearly new” disadvantage. The stamina bar makes me furious. I’m hesitant to say that I’m only playing it out of boredom, but that’s exactly what’s going on. I keep hoping that it will get better, but I just don’t enjoy it for the most part. I’m playing just to play.

I have to say, the one benefit is that it doesn’t go off of real-time like the Animal Crossing games. But that’s it.

You know how in Animal Crossing everything is cute and the people all love you and you can just start fishing and progress keeps being made until the game is basically done? Well NONE OF THIS HAPPINESS IS POSSIBLE IN STORY OF SEASONS. And although I have grey hair and was able to name my chicken Nugget, it’s just not the same.

Animal Crossing gods, hear my plea and give me a new game.

To the furthest star and back,

Tsum Tsum Tuesday!

Hi Steffi it’s Tsum Tsum Tuesday!

Next month’s tsums have been announced! I cannot wait to see this movie, look at the cute!


There’s also a #tsumtsumsunday tag on instagram that I think we should take part in.

2015-05-05 10.58.55

I got Grayson and his friend to start playing the game and we’ve all been doing really well since we send each other so many hearts and we play constantly. Once we all bought a premium tsum, earning coins got easier and we each buy one every few days or so. Anna is still my go to because she earns mad coins, but I’m loving all the different abilities the premiums have. White Rabbit stops time, Perry takes out big chunks of tsums, Marie makes 3 bubbles appear, and Sebastian & Bambi make a random number of tsums disappear but they have their own cool animations.

I completed my first bingo card and got the second one. It’s way harder! Once it’s completed you get an Oswald tsum! The missions are so random though — get so many points with a tsum with floppy ears, use a blue tsum to get such and such score, use a time-stopping ability so many times. It’s going to take a while but I want that Oswald!

Here’s a hack we figured out while playing: If you are just about to activate your tsum’s special ability and you’ve just connected a bunch of them, tap the tsum as soon as it fills up (while the long chain is being counted) and the remaining tsums will count towards the next ability!

If anyone wants to friend me, add @acheeringcharm on the Line app!

Steffi, I’ll see you on Friday. Not literally, but I look forward to seeing your post!


What’s in My Bag/Living with Less

Hello Karabean,

Something wonderful came in the mail today! My Rebecca Minkoff Mini Crosby Crossbody in Metallic!

rebecca minkoffBeautiful baby! This move has made it VERY easy for me to do some serious Living With Less purging. I’m donating around 20+ bags that I don’t like or want anymore, along with bags and bags of clothes. So, since I’ve done some serious cleaning out, I figured I’d buy myself something I’ve wanted for a really long time: a compact, over the shoulder bag which will make me bring around less. Plus, I got this beautiful honey on Hautelook for over $100 off.

If you don’t know what Hautelook is, it’s a Nordstrom company that gives daily deals (that are really freaking good) on pretty much anything you would find at Nordstrom. I’ve been using this site for ages and I’m so pleased that Nordstrom bought the sight so that I can make returns to any Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack. If you’d like to check it out, you can follow this link here: Hautelook Referral Link  

Anyways, back to the bag.

This is what I can fit in my new, sexy, perfect, amazing bag.

rebecca minkoff 2

Skinny wallet (Target), sunnies (, chapstick (Lush), loyalty cards/gift cards wrapped in a spare hair tie, and my keys!

I am violently in love with this bag.

Speaking of living with less, I finally did a makeup purge!

makeup purge

On the left is stuff I’m throwing away because it’s expired or doesn’t work (in the case of the straighteners), and on the right is the stuff I’m letting my friends pick through before I donate it! There are a lot of unused beauty products in there that I hope will make someone’s day!

I’m also thinking about maybe one day going through my books…

Hope you enjoy!