Tsum Tsum Tuesday!

Hi Steffi it’s Tsum Tsum Tuesday!

Next month’s tsums have been announced! I cannot wait to see this movie, look at the cute!


There’s also a #tsumtsumsunday tag on instagram that I think we should take part in.

2015-05-05 10.58.55

I got Grayson and his friend to start playing the game and we’ve all been doing really well since we send each other so many hearts and we play constantly. Once we all bought a premium tsum, earning coins got easier and we each buy one every few days or so. Anna is still my go to because she earns mad coins, but I’m loving all the different abilities the premiums have. White Rabbit stops time, Perry takes out big chunks of tsums, Marie makes 3 bubbles appear, and Sebastian & Bambi make a random number of tsums disappear but they have their own cool animations.

I completed my first bingo card and got the second one. It’s way harder! Once it’s completed you get an Oswald tsum! The missions are so random though — get so many points with a tsum with floppy ears, use a blue tsum to get such and such score, use a time-stopping ability so many times. It’s going to take a while but I want that Oswald!

Here’s a hack we figured out while playing: If you are just about to activate your tsum’s special ability and you’ve just connected a bunch of them, tap the tsum as soon as it fills up (while the long chain is being counted) and the remaining tsums will count towards the next ability!

If anyone wants to friend me, add @acheeringcharm on the Line app!

Steffi, I’ll see you on Friday. Not literally, but I look forward to seeing your post!



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